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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to make your ordering experience as smooth and easy as possible. We want to make life easier for you -- artwork doesn't have to be difficult.

How do I supply artwork for my order?
In most cases, our art department prefers Adobe Illustrator files (.ai or .eps files.) These are special artwork files…unless you're a graphic designer, you probably won't be able to open or view them on your computer.

Where can I get these files?
If you don't have access to these files already, you could try asking:

  • The company/person that designed your logo
  • Your marketing, promotions, or advertising department
  • Your home office or corporate headquarters
  • A co-worker who has ordered custom printed items before
  • The company that printed your business cards

What if I can't get the right kind of file for you?
Don't worry! Just send us what you DO have. Sometimes other kinds of files will work just fine. In any case, we have a full-service art department that does a phenomenal job of turning everything from pencil sketches to web graphics into professional looking artwork suitable for printing on promotional products. We'll take care of you.

Can you create new, original artwork for me?
Yes! Just let me know what you're looking for, and our art department will make it happen.

If you are looking for text only, pick from our list of standard fonts. If you don't see a font that you like, just describe what you want and we'll try to locate it for you.

Are there any types of art do you know won't work right off the bat?
Here's are the software programs we know won't work for supplying artwork to be printed on promotional products:

Any Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher.)

Website graphics (GIF, JPG, BMP)

Photo editing software (Print Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro, Digital Image Pro, Picture It!, PhotoImpact, etc.)
These file formats are generally low resolution-- only suitable for viewing on-screen-- not for printing and cannot be appropriately modified.

How small can the text be in my artwork?
Typically, the smallest text size that can be imprinted is around 6-8 pt. with some exceptions. For embroidery, letters should be sans-serif and at least 3/16" to 1/4" in height. For debossing, we need 12 pt. text.

It may often be necessary to modify or remove text entirely for small imprint areas. Our artists will review your design and suggest any changes needed to ensure that your text prints legibly.

Do you charge for art and design services?
A 1/2-hour of art clean-up/resizing is included at NO CHARGE with each order. Most artwork can be prepared for imprinting in this time.

Art requiring more than a 1/2 hour is billed @ $50/hour. We will let you know of art costs (if any) you will incur once our design team has reviewed your file.

Will I see an art proof before my order goes to print?
So that you can put your mind at ease, you will see an e-mailed art proof before your order goes to print (unless your order is an exact reorder).

To whom should I send artwork for my order?
You should send artwork for your order directly to your account specialist. When sending artwork, please reference the name & contact information of the organization ordering as well as the "artist" or art contact for us to speak with if we have any questions.

How long will you keep my art on file?
We began digitally archiving the art for all orders in 1999. We plan to keep your art on file forever.

What if I want a specific color match imprinted?
When color matching is available, there is typically an added charge to cover the cost of the labor and special inks required to custom blend your batch of printing ink for your imprinted product. This charge is also applicable on reorders.

If you do not have a specific color for your logo, there are "stock" imprint colors available for each product. There is no additional charge for printing your artwork using these standard colors.

What does the C or U mean next to colors?
The color may be a coated (C) or uncoated (U) color. The difference is not in the ink itself, but in the way the ink looks when printed on different surfaces.

For most promotional products, we use the (c) coated colors.

Do you guys guarantee an exact color match?
While we make every effort to match colors as close as is possible, we cannot guarantee that the color will match perfectly. In some cases, there may be a slight variation.

Artwork should never get in the way of your marketing and promotion efforts. Let us help you make your promotion a success!