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Call A Meeting! Keep Participants On Track With Promotional Products

By Cherri Gann

Why do we have strategic planning, marketing, budgeting, goal-setting or brainstorming meetings? What is the use of staff, task force, operations, department, board or committee meetings? And why do we spend extra money and take time away from the office to attend teambuilding retreats, conventions, conferences and trade shows?

How many times have you left a meeting and thought, "what a waste of time"? We all have, but in most cases we tolerate meetings as a fact of life. In the book The Infinite Organization: Celebrating The Positive Use Of Power In Organizations by Michael F. Broom, the author points out the great potential that comes from collaboration, and how the very nature of meetings is for the purpose of collaboration.

Few people "enjoy" meetings and many of us even love to hate them. But when we get involved with a particularly productive one, we're reminded how meetings are indeed important and necessary.

Broom explains meetings are important for three reasons:
  • Only a group of people working together can achieve goals the size and complexity required by most organizations.

  • When productivity and creativity are needed, they can come from synergizing differences in backgrounds in skill, rank, function, age, race and gender.

  • As a rule, there are several individuals (or stakeholders) who are most invested in decisions regarding organizational goals and they want to be involved in the decision-making process.
While voice mail, e-mail and other non-dialogue means of communication have certain valuable uses, they limit reciprocity. Meetings still are the most effective means for a group to share/exchange information and reach a common understanding.

Whether you attend a staff meeting, seminar, trade show or group therapy with the objective to network, learn, show a product or recruit customers, bringing people together to exchange ideas is a beautiful thing. And, promotional products used as meeting accessories serve as tangible reminders of the meeting's purpose. When participants look around the room and see everyone using the same pen and notepad, it reinforces a sense of teamwork and discreetly helps to keep participants focused on the common goal.

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Cherri Gann is an associate editor for PPB.

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