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Paws Are Cause for Applause-And Promotions

By Lisa Horn

How promotional products can be used purr-fectly when targeting the pets and vets market.

While pet owners may walk upright on two legs, they certainly see eye to eye with their beloved pets. Perhaps that's why pet owners are a breed of their own. They adopt a pet-cat, dog, bird, fish, reptile or exotic-and lavish it with love, toys and treats. And before long, there's a new member in the family.

According to the American Pet Association (www.apapets.org), there are 61,542,900 pet dogs and 74,894,580 pet cats for a total of 136,437,480 pets in the United States.

America's dog and cat owners say they acquired their pets for the following reasons:

Reason for Ownership
  • Someone To Play With: Dogs 90%, Cats 93%
  • Companionship: Dogs 83%, Cats 84%
  • Help Children Learn: Dogs, 82%, Cats 78%
  • Someone To Communicate With: Dogs 57%, Cats 62%
  • Security: Dogs 79%, Cats 51%
Passionate for Pets
Each year, 28.5 million dog owners and 37 million cat owners purchase Christmas gifts for their pets. Thirteen million cats and 9.8 million dogs have a birthday party every year. Some are made a special meal or are given a cake, while others receive a new toy or have their photograph taken. (Of these photographs taken, 41 percent of the owners display their pet's picture at home and 17 percent keep a photo in their wallets.)

Since pet owners are passionate about their animals, it only makes sense to use related promotional products when marketing to this audience. Retail and online pet stores, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, pet sitting services, pet insurance companies, breeders and dog trainers are all potential targets for promotional products purchases.

Lisa Horn is PPB's feature editor.

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