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Entertainment Theme Promotional Products

Whether you're a party planner or a company that wants to recognize all-star employees, items with an entertainment theme can act as a fun and effective way to show appreciation, promote services, attract attention or give thanks.

Convincing potential clients to let your business "entertain" them by providing worry-free, helpful services or inviting charity donors to a themed gala with creative, enticing invitations is easily achieved through the use of entertainment themed items. Let's entertain a few ideas… pretty soon your company can achieve fame too.

Corporate Event Planners
When planning an event, it's important for guests to feel welcome and appreciated. Events with an entertainment theme can be a great way for party planners to have fun with activities and promotional items.

A charity event might choose to hold an celestial-themed night to recognize its highest donors. Invitations to a night called "An Evening with the Stars" might get people's attention with a star-shaped bookmark or a 3-d star-shaped invitation. Upon arrival guests could receive a star-shaped box filled with candies at their place setting. Awards like the 24 K gold rising star award could be given to the highest donors during the ceremony. As a parting gift, the organization could thank donors by sending them off with a star-shaped tin with star bookmarks, pens and key chains.

"It's easy for people to use entertainment items for a thematic event", says Printable Promotions' Mitch Silver. "Guests of entertainment themed parties might receive a parting gift like a clapboard picture frame with the event's name and date or a movie reel tin with goodies."

Entertainment-themed events can use creative wordplay to get customers or employees to "take note" of a special promotion. Whether you want to say your company is a "fan" of employees or customers or you want potential customers to "tune into" a new promotional deal, entertainment-themed items can creatively convey a thoughtful idea.

Treating charity donors like royalty is important. People should know that no matter what form their donation is in, it is appreciated.

Thanking donors for attending a charity gala or thanking volunteers for their time can make your charity a success for years to come.

Silver says, "People will remember the creative way you asked them for time or money, and they will remember they way you thanked them if you put the organization's name on a fun item with a catchy phrase."

Donors are stars at a charity event, but the recipients of the donations are the real winners. An entertainment-themed event can show this with star shaped awards for donors and personalized Oscar awards to recognize recipients.

Company Outings
Making company outings purposeful involves more than just getting down to business. Employees who enjoy their place of employment are more likely to devote themselves to their work, so making the work environment a fun place to be should be important to employers.

Entertainment-themed items can create a fun environment for businesses that want to encourage and reward employees. Company outings may be the perfect place for companies to thank employees for their work. One idea might be to give employees a desk radio thanking them for being "in tune" with the company's goals.

Outings might also provide the perfect opportunity to introduce a contest to employees. Tuxedo t-shirts could encourage employees to provide black-tie service to consumers and entice them with a black-tie awards dinner if they are successful.

Recognizing all-star employee performance or award-winning devotion from consumers is made easy through the use of entertainment-themed promotional products.

A box of mints with a custom-imprinted picture and logo can make a great promotion for already-valued customers who are "worth a mint" to the company. Recognizing great work from employees can be as easy as giving away a chocolate Oscar or a music note-shaped stress reliever for ending the fiscal year on a "good note."

Promotion of a Contest
Contests are a fun way to motivate people. Employees can be motivated to perform their best when they're in a fun, competitive environment, and consumers can be motivated to make a purchase if they know they have the chance to win something in addition to it.

Entertainment-themed items are a great incentive for a little friendly competition in a workplace. They can also be a great prize for a sales promotion. People like to be awarded with breaks from the daily grind, and entertainment provides people with a mental break from reality. Something as simple as a chocolate ticket stub could notify employees of a contest to win tickets to an upcoming Broadway show or music concert. A custom-imprinted harmonica might encourage customers to enter a contest to win tickets to a country music festival. Anything entertaining is appealing to people because it's fun. Entertainment lets people sit back and relax.

Entertainment Industry
If your business is in the entertainment industry, incorporating entertainment items into promotions, contests and marketing is easy. If your company specializes in making music, teaching music, performing plays, writing plays, showing movies or anything that entertains people, entertainment items can provide the best way to set the tone of a campaign or convey the pizzazz your company possesses.

From piano teachers advertising services with a piano-shaped stress reliever to a city's symphony advertising ticket sales with music note-shaped magnets, entertainment items are the perfect way to jazz up your business.

Theatrical production agencies might want to use an item like a comedy/tragedy mask pen to promote an upcoming play or to encourage people to attend a fundraising event for the arts.

They're Just So Versatile
Entertainment items can make a company famous with consumers and can take a company's campaign from ordinary to award winning. Entertainment items can be simple or elaborate; edible or wearable; silly or seriously funny. No matter what you need to promote or reward, entertainment items are the ticket to great company performance.

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