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Promotional Products for Golf Outings

Tee up those products
Part of any golf outing is naturally going to be imprinted products. They might be simple tee gifts given out at registration, or more elaborate gifts during the course of the event and afterwards.

When looking at products, there are several things to consider. Are the players serious golfers or casual amateurs? Are brand-name products important? Should the products be useful - have a specific and immediate purpose - to the golfers? Are you interested in using golf related products in and around the office? What about ancillary items like imprinted cups, napkins - perhaps bags of peanuts and cigars?

Also consider the longevity of the message you're delivering. Products can be relegated to one of these three groups:

SHORT LIFE products get used, but they also tend to break or get lost. These often include balls, tees, spikes, lower-end ball markers and divot fixers.

MID-LIFE products also get used a great deal, but they last longer - possibly an entire season or in a golfer's bag or being worn by the golfer. Examples: shirts, sweaters, towels, bags, and clubs.

LONG-LIFE products tend to be golf-related yet also function further from the course. They usually aren't related to the game. We're talking about items like mousepads, calendars, awards/trophies, cups/mugs, and picture frames.

Of course, the key to finding successful products is knowing the recipients. For some people, a Topflite golf ball is a great gift, but for a three handicap, he's probably not going to appreciate it much.

Eye on the Prize
One often overlooked item is awards. At the post-outing awards banquet, the prizes are often bags, clubs, or wearables imprinted and embroidered with your logo.

Other items also fit the bill - trophies, loving cups, fine crystal, higher-end clubs and bags, just to name a few.

If you're not sure what types of awards you should be offering, here are a few ideas:

HOLE-IN-ONE Many events offer a high-end prize for a hole-in-one on a specified par 3.

CLOSEST TO THE PIN There are usually two; one on the shortest par 3 on the front nine and one on the shortest par 3 on the back nine. Players must hit the green on their tee shot. Most, if not all courses, will provide you with a tape measure and score card to register distances.

LONGEST DRIVE Usually one per tournament, played on a straight par 4 or par 5. A players ball must be in the fairway on the tee shot. Courses will provide a marker.

BEST NET One of the best things about golf outings is that everyone can play. After the round, a player's handicap is calculated and a net score is figured. Remember, the player with the best net isn't necessarily the best player.

BEST SCORE Having awards for the best score usually insures that the better golfers will not always be beat out by a high-handicapped player who had an average to above-average round. Best score prizes are good to have in team and better ball tournaments.

WORST SCORE Giving an award for the worst score of the day, possibly a booby-prize, is something that participants get a kick out of.

Don't limit the awards offerings to this list. There are scores of things you can award prizes for, such as most greens hit in succession, fewest number of puts, most balls lost, most balls found - the possibilities are endless! Finally don't forget about good old door prizes.

Non-Traditional Offerings
There are things beyond traditional golf products that you can use for an event. Often, companies have more than one outing a year and don't want to give away the same prizes. They also don't necessarily want to give away the same thing that other outings do. Look for something a little bit different, but also something that reflects the kind of presentation and image you want to maintain.

One company made promotional backpacks for non-playing spouses of players. The packs were filled with items like photo albums and personalized cameras.

Another company made custom golf cart hubcaps and pin flags. Granted, these items only offer one-time use, but after the event they were removed and given to the participants as a keepsake. Each player in a foursome got a hubcap to hang on an office or den wall. The 18 flags went to the top 18 scorers.

When all is said and done, golf offers plenty of exposure for your logo or message. Tee it up and go for the green.

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