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Almost any promotional product can be custom manufactured. Sometimes it's color that's critical to a buyer; other times it’s a feature. Either way, if you have a product in mind but have yet to see it in a catalog or on a web site, ask your distributor about partnering with a factory to explore the possibility of making it. It may be more affordable than you think.

CLIENT: A power company
OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate its commitment to workers' safety

Melanoma is a very serious form of skin cancer. It's a healthcare issue a power company in Florida was concerned about, knowing its linemen were constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Through its distributor, the power company learned of a line of headwear providing UV protection. The headwear collection also included useful features for outdoor workers such as neck capes and terry cloth sweatbands. The power company loved the style of one hat but pointed out that its lineman couldn't wear it; it was made of nylon which poses a safety risk. So the manufacturer created a similar-style hat in cotton, offering the same UV protection. All 1,500 of the company's linemen were presented with the hats. It was a simple yet thoughtful way for the company to demonstrate that it cared about workers' safety beyond day-to-day operations.

Imagine the impact the hats had every time consumers drove by and observed the workers in the field. What came to mind? Undoubtedly that protection was important to the power company at all levels.

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