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Preview a Product With Panache

Introducing a consumable product? Give it a longer shelf life (so to speak) by promoting it with a permanent keepsake.

CLIENT: A beverage company
OBJECTIVE: To introduce a new beverage to a select group of retailers

All companies strive for a favorable impression among clients and prospects when they introduce a new product. The type of client determines how much you need to invest in the promotion to ensure it gets noticed.

When Coca-Cola was introducing Vanilla Coke, the company wanted to make certain its retail clients responded positively to the new beverage (with the goal of eventually giving it shelf space in their establishment). They selected 1,000 retailers in Ohio to receive samples of the soft drink. Each retailer was given a polycanvas bag with outside pockets housing two 20 oz. bottles of the soda. Literature about the new product was enclosed in the bag.

The bag was designed as a useful beach or picnic tote. The main compartment comfortably held a towel, and sunscreen (or certain beverages!) fit nicely in the outside pockets. Long after the product literature was removed and the beverages were consumed the retailers were reminded of the new product in the marketplace.

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