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Direct Mail Essentials

Looking to double the impact of your direct mail efforts? By taking these steps into consideration, you can increase your response rate, recognition and ROI.
  1. Find your target audience. Existing customers, a list you bought, a well-maintained database, warranty cards; all of these help you find people who are likely to be interested in your firm. Make sure you're sending direct mail to those people.

  2. Know the response you want. Your mail efforts are driven by your expectations. For example, you'll take a different approach if you expect targets to send you money with their response card as opposed to just coming in to take a test drive.

  3. Do your own tests. If you don't want to pay for an entire direct mail program right away, try an experiment. Send out your standard letter, but send a creative direct mail piece to a small portion of your list. Then track the results to see if the response was appreciably higher (it almost always will be).

  4. Be consistent. Make sure your copy and graphics tie in with the direct mail piece. Take your most promotable feature and hammer it home in your copy.

  5. Crunch those cost numbers. When your response from a direct mailing comes back, figure out the response rate and project that on your increased sales. Did the extra profit from the sales pay for the mailing? In short, take the time and effort to pin down the payoff. You'll be happy with what you find.

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