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Transportation Theme Promotional Products

Today's fast-paced society keeps us moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a car commute to work, a bus ride to school, a train ride downtown or a weekend sail on a boat, people are using modes of transportation for many purposes.

While a ride on a dinner cruise or a plane trip with a vacation destination are always more enjoyable than a daily commute to work, people depend on transportation to get them where they want to go in a timely, safe manner regardless of the purpose of the journey.

Promotional products with a transportation theme are a great way to stress a transportation company's mission to provide a safe, on-time and sometimes fun way to reach a destination.

Travel agents who want travelers to book a cruise during the winter months can use cruise ship shaped stress relievers to encourage them to consider cruise travel. Modes of transportation with more practical purposes like commuting to work or airline business travel might want to stress on-time arrival and dependability. Using magnets with train departure/arrival times to promote commuter use or giving airline business travelers a plane shaped key chain that admits them into a business travel lounge in airports are ways to incorporate promotional products into a marketing mix.

Travel Agents
Transportation plays a key role in the success of a travel agent's vacation planning. People expect get the most out of a vacation, so the transportation should get the traveler somewhere in a timely manner and enhance the trip.

A travel agent can use promotional items to encourage travelers to put trust in the agent's ability to find the best way to travel. When a client is considering booking a vacation through an agent, the agent could give the potential consumer an airplane shaped key light to push for the sale.

"Agents could also use promotional items to enhance vacation packages like providing a mini-golf cart for people planning a golf getaway," says Printable Promotions' Mitch Silver. "Items like these build excitement about travel and excitement about the agency that helps plan the trip."

In today's society, airline travelers are more concerned about safety than ever before. Promotional products are a great way to assure consumers that an airline is doing everything it can to ensure safe travel.

"Even something as simple as a pen with an airline's safety mission on it can reiterate a company's commitment to safety," says Silver.

Airlines can also put promotional products to use when designing a specific campaign or special offer. When offering a kids discount, airlines can include free gifts for passengers under the age of 12 like an airplane candy container or 3-D puzzle. Other promotions like frequent flier programs can be implemented with the use of promotional products like an airplane shaped stress reliever that conveys the stress-free way customers can fly with that airline.

Employee rewards in the airline industry are also an important part of providing the best possible service to clients. There are many different types of promotional products that can effectively reward employee performance. From an imprintable acrylic award to a brass model plane, there are unique options for airlines to recognize outstanding employee performance.

"Employees will also appreciate practical gifts like passport cases or luggage with the company's logo embroidered on them," says Silver. "And desktop items like an airplane shaped clock provide constant reminders that employees are being cared for by the companies they work for."

Public Transportation
For cities that are encouraging residents to use public transportation, promotional items can be a way to build community awareness of the benefits of what the city has to offer.

Brochures or cards with train or bus schedules can be an effective way to communicate how easy it is to travel on public transportation.

Tour Companies
Tour companies can capitalize on the use of unique transportation promotional items as well. Transportation plays a key role in the success of a tour. Tour companies want consumers to know that the transportation will be enjoyable and enhance the overall tour. Using promotional items like a yacht shaped magnet with dinner cruise reservation information on it or a train whistle with the tour company's phone number on it can be great ways for tour companies to push their services.

Giving customers a memento of the tour can also encourage them to return. Simply walking away with pictures might not help visitors remember the tour company's name, but if people receive an imprinted picture frame with the tour company's name and logo on it, they will likely remember whom to thank for the great memories.

Trucking Industry
Transporting goods is another important part of the transportation industry, and many businesses choose to use trucks to transport items from state to state or across the country.

Whether a company relies on their own company carriers or an outside trucking company, a business expects an on-time, safe delivery of the goods. To ensure clients of the trucking company's dependability, the company can make use of many available printable products. Desktop items like a truck pop up post-it dispenser or a truck computer strip calendar can serve as a constant reminder to companies with trucking needs.

Also important in the trucking industry are rewards for efficient service and for great employee performance. A truck shaped award is a great way to thank employees for upholding a company's commitment to its customers. Even thanking drivers for bringing a shipment in on time can be as easy as giving drivers an imprinted seat belt comfort wrap.

Transportation Themed Events
Using transportation promotional items doesn't mean you have to even be involved in the business of transporting yourself or anything else to make the imprinted items work for you.

Incorporating transportation items into fun slogans or events only enhances what you are working hard to say or convey. To reward high flying achievers, you might want to use an airplane shaped awards or perhaps you want to reward employees who have set sail for success with a sailboat crystal figurine.

Events with a transportation theme like fundraisers, company outings or awards banquets are also great times to bring transportation items into the mix. To introduce employees to a company campaign, company leaders might want to use a sailboat brass clock to encourage employees to sail away with the company's mission for success. Companies could also thank employees at a company outing with a truck shaped chocolate bar to thank them for their work while encouraging them to 'keep on trucking.'

Transportation themed items will take you to a new level of success while you take your employees or consumers on a journey to satisfaction. These items will let you get creative and have fun with campaigns and activities without having to really say much at all. So to reach success, let transportation items lead the way.

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