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Promotional Products- Real Estate Items

The real estate industry involves an interesting mix of people who are trying to establish a trusted name with consumers. Although every facet of the real estate industry has a different agenda, everyone from mortgage brokers to real estate agents to builders has the goal of attracting business.

When people make the decision to purchase or build a home, it involves a lot more than a simple financial transaction. There is a lot of thought, time and money that needs to be invested in the decision. Whether an agent wants to get into the minds of every potential client, or a leasing company wants to find businesses to occupy leasing space, real estate-related items can be the ticket to a successful marketing campaign.

Home Sellers
Real estate agents want to be in the minds of consumers whenever anyone wants to buy or sell a house. Whether you are moving or your aunt Millie is selling her condo or your friend Anne wants to buy a house in a historic neighborhood, real estate agents hope that people will think of their name and pass it along.

Custom-imprinted real estate items are a great way to get in the minds of everyone involved in the real estate mix. If you're not planning on moving, chances are that you might know someone who is. If you pass along a name of an agent because his name is on a magnet on your refrigerator or an ice cream scoop you use every night, that custom-imprinted item just did its job.

Items that people are going to use are a great way to keep seeing someone's name in the thoughts of potential consumers. If you are a real estate agent who sold someone his home, you will want that client to maintain a relationship with you until he decides to move again. This can be as easy as sending him direct mail packages with refrigerator magnets or giving him an imprinted pizza cutter as a housewarming gift.

"Real estate related items can make calling a real estate agent a no-brainer decision for the consumer," says Printable Promotions' Mitch Silver. "After seeing your name on things like household items or even an ice scraper in your car, both existing and potential clients will think of you when they pick up the phone."

Real estate items can also achieve the neighborhood feel that people want from their agent. A client wants to feel like he is being taken care of by someone he can trust-someone who understands his needs. When an agent is associated with things that are close to home, he is associated with these qualities. Putting a real estate agent's name on a magnet with the local high school football schedule or with local emergency numbers is a great way to convey a real estate's connection with the community in which he does business.

Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage brokers have a different agenda. There are many people that mortgage brokers want to appeal to, and with real estate items, there are many ways to successfully do so.

Mortgage brokers want to advertise their services to the general public and existing clients. In the same way that real estate agents hope to get in the minds of potential clients, mortgage brokers want to establish the trust and recognition of their name in the field.

When brokers are marketing themselves to homebuyers, housewarming gifts are a great way to get the attention of potential clients. An imprinted magnetic message center or a household reference guide and record keeper would be useful for a new homeowner, and when the person sees your services advertised, he does not need to think about who to call to find the best rate-you will find it for the client.

Silver says, "In the hectic time surrounding the purchase of a home, real estate items make it easier for consumers to see who is there to help them find the best mortgage rate. Having your name visible lets consumers simply make a call instead of spending time searching for a reputable broker."

Using real estate related items might also be important in maintaining a relationship with clients. Sending a quarterly gift like a custom-imprinted packet of seeds in the spring or a box of holiday chocolates in the winter will keep the broker/client relationship alive.

Mortgage brokers can also market their services to real estate agents who are in constant contact with potential clients. Brokers can make use of desktop items when urging real estate agents to advertise the broker's services to homebuyers.

"The desktop is a great place to put your name," says Silver. "It can be something as small as a house-shaped paper clip holder with a broker's information on it or something a little more elaborate like a custom-imprinted laptop carrying case."

The mortgage broker should also make use of his relationship with real estate attorneys, and real estate related items can get the attention of attorneys who will make client referrals to brokers.

Again, desktop items can play a key role in promoting a mortgage broker's services. Using a pop-up house post-it dispenser or a paper cube with your information can help attorneys direct potential clients to you.

Banks are constantly trying to attract homebuyers/sellers to use their services. As is evident throughout the entire real estate industry, establishing a level of trust is important for banks as well.

Banks can convey their trustworthiness and neighborly appeal with real estate items. Banks can send direct mail packages to homeowners about great refinancing plans or home loans.

"Direct mail packages should grab the attention of consumers," says Silver. "Using an unassembled foam house is a fun way to present a direct mail package with an offer. The package requires some participation and will likely make the recipient think about the offer more than if it were on a piece of paper."

Developers can also use real estate related items when trying to attract tenants to property plots or when they're trying to attract homebuyers to a certain developing area.

Developers might benefit from a direct mail package like the one used by Williamsburg Developments, Inc. in Virginia. The goal of the developers was to attract buyers to five $1 million lots in historic Williamsburg. Sixty qualified leads received a leather and fabric box with the development's name embossed on the top at a meeting. Inside the box were maps, information, 8" X 10" laminated color aerial photos of the property and its surroundings. To support the theme "Privacy Is The Key" in this highly-secured residential development, a custom cast key was included. There was also a custom wax seal that closed the map and supported the historic design used throughout the piece.

A direct mail package does not have to be as elaborate as the one used by Williamsburg Developments, Inc., but it can be just as effective with a little thought and creativity. Developers might want to want to include colorful maps and imprinted computer strip calendars.

Builders also play a key role in the real estate industry. Builders can use real estate items to advertise to real estate agents who will bring clients to look at their new property.

Builders could hand out mini-hardhat key chains with the company's information on it. They could also use a bulldozer-shaped stress reliever advertising how their properties will make a house hunter's job stress-free. "The builder can get creative with construction-themed items and items with a home theme," Silver says. "Builders should take advantage of strong relationships with real estate agents because they are the key to successful selling of their properties." To build these strong relationships, Silver recommends sending thanks in the form of custom-imprinted products. A wall clock or a business case both make nice gestures when thanking a real estate agent for bringing home buyers to their developments.

Appreciation and Awards
Rewarding both employee and client performance is important in the real estate industry. To encourage employees to try their hardest and to encourage repeat business from clients, sending thanks in the form of a real estate item is a great way to get a response. A barbeque set for a new homeowner might be an effective way for the client to remember your services fondly. Awarding employees with a house-shaped box with candies for a great monthly performance is a nice, yet simple gesture to show you care about them.

Making Important Decisions Easy
Getting your company's name into the minds of consumers or businesses is made easier with the use of promotional items. Letting your consumers know that you are a trusted name in the business makes it easier for them to make big decisions.

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