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Promotional Products for the Financial Industry

In the financial industry, consumers and businesses look to people they can trust. Remembering a company's name and associating it with trust, dependability and dedication is important to everyone involved.

Attracting and maintaining a satisfied clientele is important to everyone-from banks to accountants to investment firms to insurance brokers. Being successful may take more work than simply crunching numbers. Putting a company's name or logo out for everyone to see makes cents and dollars in the long run.

From direct mailing packets with business card magnets to t-shirts to calculators, the possibilities of custom-imprinted items are endless. Whether a bank wants to develop a fun campaign to attract consumers to a new loan offer or an investment firm wants to lure investors into a new venture, there are items to fit the tone of the campaign and character of the company.

Creating a Package Deal
Many members of the financial industry use direct mail and promotions to get consumers to use the company's services. Whether you intend to grab a potential client's attention with a fun creation like a dollar sign-shaped stress reliever or wow him with a laptop carrying case, you will make consumers think of you the next time they're looking for services you offer.

In 2002, WFS Financial Corporation showed how a well-executed campaign was able to attract business. WFS Financial created a direct mail and promotional package to encourage sales of their Mentor Fund. The spring mailing went to 800 brokers in a custom box with cover copy, "Put them in Mentor and they'll put you on a pedestal." The box included a pedestal paperweight with the company's logo. It was reported sales increased from $200,000 to $1 million per week. A second mailing involved a sweatshirt with the imprint "Ask me about my Mentor." WFS Financial's success proves that customization and a little creative wordplay can get a company's name in the minds of consumers.

"Direct mailings are an important part of the financial industry's marketing efforts," says Printable Promotions' Mitch Silver. "Putting a little thought into the campaign and giving recipients an object like a magnet or computer strip calendar with the company's logo will make the consumer more likely to follow up with the offer."

Creating Awareness
Because there are so many companies in the financial industry, creating awareness of your company's unique abilities is important. A little effort can go a long way.

Credit card companies might try to get students to sign up for a no annual fee credit card during their first week in college. Giving away compressed t-shirts in the shape of a stack of one hundred dollar bills might attract students to fill out an application.

Creating Perks for Customers
Getting current customers to sign up for additional services is another action made easier through the use of promotional products. A bank might try to get customers to refinance their home by handing out house-shaped key chains to announce the offer. Banks might also want to encourage parents to open savings accounts for their children by giving away "My favorite bank" activity books for kids.

"Sometimes promotional goods simply act as an instigator," Silver says. "If a financial institution already has the trust of its customers, an imprinted item can be the key to encourage them to invest further."

Easy as 1-2-3
Making sense of the numbers is the company's responsibility, and the consumer wants to be reassured that those numbers are being taken care of. Showing that a financial institution cares about the responsibility the consumer places on them can be achieved by giving the consumer gifts like custom-imprinted calculators or clock banks. Seeing the company's logo on their desk each day can act as a constant reminder that the customer is being taken care of.

Rewards for Employees
Because of the clear-cut nature of the business, the financial industry has an easier time measuring success than other industries. If an employee reaches a sales goal or a banker opens a certain number of accounts, he or she can be rewarded because the results are usually pretty evident.

Rewarding employees with custom-imprinted goods can show that a company cares about its employees. For example, giving employees a button-down denim shirt or a fleece vest with the company's logo embroidered on it can act as a thoughtful gesture to reward employees.

"Giving employees a fun incentive for working hard can make a work environment more fun," Silver says. "Something like a custom-imprinted piggy bank could serve as a fun reminder or reward of an on-going sales campaign."

Make it Work for You
Items with a 'financial flair' can work for you in many ways. They can convey a serious or comedic tone. They can help you do your business or they can attract new customers. So next time you want to stand out in the crowd, think about adding another dimension to your direct mail package or rewarding outstanding employees with a custom-imprinted token of your appreciation.

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