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Custom Printed Pet and Animal Products

If your business deals with animals, there is no better way to get your name out than with an animal themed promotional product. Lovers of dogs, cats, or any other type of pet will be impressed with your company when they see its name on these fine products. With items ranging from imprinted leashes to full color dog and cat magnets to imprintable animal shaped pens, there is no shortage of ways to reach potential clients and reward your current ones.

Why bother with business cards when you can hand out colorful dog-shaped magnets? Customers will put your business on their refrigerator and your name will always be easy to find when it is time for that annual check-up. Show you understand the difficulty of caring for sick pets and present your customers with an imprinted Petscan thermometer to make that task just a little easier.

Promote good pet health with imprinted collapsible water bowls that owners can easily take along for a run in the park or walk around the neighborhood. Customized food scoops and bowls make sure pets always get a nutritious meal without being overfed.

Pet Stores
When a customer buys a dog or a cat from your pet store, give them a pet collar imprinted with your name to make sure they keep coming back. Why not reward loyal clients with a custom imprinted pet food bowl the next time they come in for dog, cat or ferret food.

Dog-crazy customers will really love a dog t-shirt with your store's name and logo on it. And since any pet owner loves to take (and look at) pictures of their pet, a paw print photo frame is a great way to advertise. Not only does it give customers a place to put their favorite photos, but it will remind them of your pet store every time they admire it.

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