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Why Send Business Greeting Cards?

  • They help retain customers. Keeping just 5% more customers results in a 25% to 120% increase in profits.

  • More and more companies do. Well over 65% of businesses now send cards.

  • Cards create a strong relationship with employees, resulting in long-term commitments, higher efficiencies, and team building.

  • Cards communicate in writing that you care about the recipients. Surveys show that the written word has more impact than the spoken word.

  • They help counteract today's high-tech, impersonal environment by making personal contact.

  • The most remembered card is the one not sent.

  • They reinforce name recognition, so customers think of you, rather than your competitors.

  • Cards are effective follow-ups to visits, meetings, referrals, important dates and holidays.

  • They build customer loyalty, which leads to referrals, increased purchases, and less bargain hunting.

  • By lowering customer acquisition costs, cards help business to expand through loyal customers. It costs 6 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

  • They prevent losing customers. 10% - 30% of customers are lost each year.

  • Cards prevent customers from feeling neglected. Over two thirds of lost customers feel neglected by their previous supplier and tell many others of their bad experience.

  • Cards are very cost-effective in building morale and goodwill when compared to the high cost of advertising alternatives.

  • High quality cards convey your commitment to high quality and your sincere appreciation of your customers' business.

  • Cards can be inexpensively tailored for specific needs with custom verses.

  • Reading mail is a daily activity people look forward to almost as much as seeing their spouses.

  • 90% of people prefer sending something of sentimental value by regular mail.

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