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The Power of Calendars

Make the smart choice. Choose the power of calendars. These hardworking sales tools carry your message into the homes and offices of your customers and prospects - where buying decisions are made. Your message is consistent, never turned off and becomes the best banner ad you can buy.

Calendars Have Sales Power
No other advertising medium influences buying decisions the way calendar advertising does. Whenever your product or service is needed, the calendar will be there, telling the customer who you are and how you can be reached.

Calendars help create a "buying habit" cementing the customer's loyalty to the advertiser.

85% of all home calendar users do business with the firm that supplied the advertising calendar.

83% of businesses purchase the products or services of the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar, while only 78% did business with the firm prior to receiving the calendar.

Calendars Are Personal
Individually addressed or handed to each recipient, calendars put your message on a personal level, saying "This is just for you."

A calendar becomes a hardworking part of the recipient's daily routine, so your ad keeps working throughout the day, every day.

Calendars are often saved as personal records, so your ad is seen far beyond the expiration date of the calendar!

65% of all home calendar users and business people note appointments on their calendars.

43% of home calendar users and 57% of business people use calendars for other notations or for record keeping.

50% of all calendar recipients save their calendars for pictures, reference to records, recipes, etc.

Calendars Are Targeted Marketing
You control distribution of calendars, so there's no wasted coverage. Because your message is seen so many times daily, it will be remembered. This makes calendars an effective and economical choice. Every advertising dollar you invest is directed toward the exact market you wish to reach. A calendar's long life makes its cost-per-impression just a fraction of the expense of other advertising media.

87% of all household recipients and 94% of all business recipients can recall the advertising message which is displayed on their calendars.

Calendars Are A Necessity
All the electronic advances in the world cannot replace the useful calendar. A calendar is in view for everyone and is a depended-upon time piece which is used many times daily.

98% of all homes and virtually all offices use at least one calendar.

Households use an average of four calendars per home.

The typical business person has an average of 2.5 calendars in his/her immediate work area.

Calendars Have Gift Value
Because of it's usefulness and attractiveness, a calendar has value and is considered to be a gift.

People will purchase retail calendars if they don't receive them from advertisers.

With calendars, your advertising message is welcomed and kept in homes and offices where other forms of advertising may not be welcome or are simply thrown away.

28% of calendars being used in homes and 15% of calendars used in offices were purchased by the user.

67% of home calendar recipients and 44% of businesses would purchase calendars if they were not provided by advertisers.

Calendars Are Appreciated
People appreciate calendars at home and in the workplace. They place a tangible value on them and will go out of their way to obtain one.

Because calendars are appreciated, calendar distribution builds goodwill. The calendar becomes a symbol of the company's friendly image, creating a favorable and lasting impression.

Recipients come to expect and look forward to the advertisers calendar at the start of each year.

In homes that had not received a calendar, 56% would like to get one, and 50% would make a special effort to get one.

59% of businesses not having received an advertising calendar would like one, and 43% would make a special effort to get one.

Calendar Advertising Grows Business
Advertising calendars are your personal sales representatives, working for you all year long in homes and business…where buying decisions are made…letting these people know who you are, what you do, and how you can be reached.

Your calendar is received as a gift at the end of the year and is used many times a day as an important personal and business-planning tool.

Your message stays with your customers every day of the year, thanking them for yesterday's business and asking them for business today. You won't get that with an internet banner ad or a 30 second commercial spot.

Your customers will be reminded of your thoughtfulness throughout the year. Remember…business goes where it's invited and stays where it's appreciated!

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