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Custom Printed Mints

Bad breath can be a deal breaker in any industry so eliminate the cause with customized mints in a stylish personalized tin dispenser. This peppermint candy is sure to freshen your breath any time you need it. Custom promotional tins that house the candy and feature your company's logo prove that you like to make a good impression every time. Customized mints are perfect for freshening breath at tradeshow giveaways, on company outings, or even used as inserts in direct mail.

Food Services
Many important decisions are made over a meal so why not keep bad breath at bay for all of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings. Offering customers and employees customized mints in promotional tins featuring your company's logo shows that presentation is important to your company down to the smallest detail. Customized mints in custom promotional tins are a cost friendly way to associate your company with the freshest ideas in the industry.

When cooped up in a car, train, or plane, fresh breath equals a more enjoyable ride. It's easy to get mints, but why not show your company has style with classy customized mints in a promotional tin featuring your company's logo. These delicious mints not only freshen breath, but also look stylish in a chic custom imprinted promotional tin personalized with your company's logo.

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