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Custom Printed Luggage Tags

Allow your employees to represent your company while they travel by giving them luggage tags that bear your company name on it. A luggage tag is a very professional looking item that gives your employees the opportunity to claim the company they work for while they use it as a form of identification and safety protection of their luggage. We offer them in all shapes, materials and sizes, so we guarantee that we have the perfect tag to symbolize your company. Promote your company and employees the right way and give them a travel luggage tag today.

We offer luggage tags with these following designs or shapes: airplane, global, cruise ship, house, and golf. Regular shaped luggage tags come in the following materials: leather, plastic, recycled circuit board, stainless steel, acrylic, and polyester.

Show off your travel agency or travel program by giving all of your clients luggage tags that display your name on it. Your clients will be able to travel and locate their luggage much easier with an identifiable luggage tag. It is the perfect promotional item for your company.

Keep your clients luggage in order by giving them a luggage tag with your travel agency or tour company's name it. Large groups will be able to stick together throughout their travel because they are going to have an identifiable form of identification always showing on their luggage. Everyone will be kept in order and even more satisfied with the service that you are offering.

Give your customers an obvious hint when promoting your new great travel sale by giving them a luggage tag with your offer or travel agency's name inscribed on it. Once they receive their luggage tag, they will get excited and intrigued when imagining themselves on their amazing vacation or trip. The promotional effect of the luggage tags will drive your business through the roof.

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