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Custom Printed Coasters

Circulate your company's name with each new round of drinks when you use custom-printed coasters. Customized coasters give clients a taste of all that your company has to offer. Whether they add the perfect, personalized touch to a corporate boardroom or complete the décor of a family-owned bar or restaurant, customized coasters are guaranteed to have clients coming back for more. If you're the manager of a hotel or resort, selling custom-printed coasters in the lobby gift shop will remind customers of your award-winning service and hospitality. Customized coasters also make ideal giveaways or business gifts. To reward a stellar employee, present him or her with an engraved coaster set in a metallic or stone finish. As you can see, coasters can be ordered in a countless variety of materials and designs to suit your company's promotional needs and appeal to your clientele's wide range of tastes.

No need to roll the dice with your company's future success. Promotional coasters are a sure bet when it comes to advertising your casino or gaming facility. As your customers ante up, why not serve them beverages on customized coasters? For the creatively minded casino owner, coasters can be specially ordered to look like poker chips or dice. Regardless of the design you choose, you'll keep your business fresh in the minds of clients by freshening up their cocktails and refreshing their memories with custom-printed coasters.

Keep your theater or concert hall at center-stage with promotional coasters. If you're the owner or manager of an entertainment venue, customized coasters are a subtle yet effective source of publicity. Between acts, serve up drinks on disposable, custom-printed coasters and watch your house-seats remain filled after intermission. Customized coasters are sure to make your company a star with audience members.

Food Services
If you're a restaurateur or caterer, custom-printed coasters will meet the needs of thirsty clients, while also meeting your company's promotional needs. What better way to guarantee the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers than to keep their drinks coming on customized coasters? Cardboard or cork coasters customized with a logo design can be placed on each table, easily disposed of, and quickly replaced to ensure the visibility of your company's name at all times. To make your patrons' dining experience truly memorable, invest in customized coasters and watch your business swiftly coast to success.

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