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Custom Printed CD Cases

In a world where promotional items are a key element in getting your company's name out, CD cases are a gift that everyone can enjoy. A promotional CD case is a gift that you can be sure will be used again and again. And with the myriad of different CD holders we offer, there is no shortage of ways to impress and please your current and prospective customers.

When people travel, whether they travel by plane, train, or automobile, listening to music is a great way to pass the time. When you plan a long trip for a customer, why not offer them a gift they can use to hold all the music that they will bring along with them? You can be sure that as they are waiting at the airport, sitting on the train, or cruising down the interstate, they will frequently take out your promotional CD case to grab another album. Each time, they will be reminded of your company's kindness and professionalism in making sure their trip is as enjoyable as possible. For car travel, there is no better gift then a promotional auto visor CD holder, which can hold up to 10 compact discs right on the visor of your customers vehicle.

Entertainment / Media
In the entertainment and media industries, it is important to keep up with popular culture. A promotional CD holder can help reach out to customers who are always buying the latest musical sensation. Or, our CD Case and Pad Holder gift set can give your employees the ability to listen to their favorite tracks while staying on top of business, perfect for music critics. Trendy CD holding options include our circular shaped vinyl case, semi-translucent polypropylene case, and a CD case made of metal with a rubber enclosure.

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