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Banners: A Cause for Celebration

By Laura Gaulke

Approaching your home after work, you are thinking ahead to your evening. You have plans for going to dinner and you are thinking about what you are going to wear. The house is dark as you enter and you are startled as the lights flash on and a couple dozen friends scream, "SURPRISE!" Even through the confusion your eyes are automatically drawn to the colorful banner stretched across the dining room entryway that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and your name follows as the honoree of the party. The surprise party and the turn out of all your friends is enough for you to recognize how well you are thought of. But, you are so impressed at how much they planned and all the trouble they went to. You think, "Wow, they even hung up a banner with my name on it!"

Even in their most simple form, like a hand-written sign at a birthday party, banners brighten celebrations, adding even more excitement to the festive atmosphere. And they show that someone was organized, planned ahead and put effort into the event. Whether honoring a visitor, a guest speaker, an entire graduating class or a wedding couple, banners make the location more personalized to the occasion and the occasion more memorable to honorees and attendees alike. And banners make an event-family celebration, victory party for a team or candidate, grand opening of a shopping center or skate park, or celebrating your city's centennial-seem more like "an event."

Hanging banners prior to the celebration promotes the event by building excitement, motivating more people to attend and marking the location where the event will be held. Prior to an event you may see banners hanging at schools, fairgrounds, shopping centers, dealerships, local parks, bars or restaurants, at an art center or stadium, on your favorite golf course, on city streets or even in your own office.

At the time of the event banners can be used for decoration, to thank sponsors, welcome guests, recognize honorees or to organize and advertise the locations and times of performances or multiple events happening within the celebration. It does not matter if the event is indoors or outdoors, banner suppliers, like Neely Manufacturing Company, will offer flexibility and solutions to your banner needs, saying that, "if there is a reason to banner, there is a way to banner." Neely has found ways to hang banners on fences, brick walls, city light poles, tents, between trees, on podiums or table fronts, suspended from ceilings, on the sides of semi truck trailers and even off of golf carts.

Besides coming up with solutions for how to hang a banner, suppliers can help with the challenges of deciding what type of materials and inks should be used for the banner. Inks and materials used vary depending on the customer's budget, and where and how long the banner will be hanging. For example, a particular ink is used for banners that will be under indoor florescent lighting and a heavier material and completely different ink will be used for a banner hanging outdoors in the sun, rain and wind for an extended time.

The most challenging banner request Neely has been asked to accommodate was for several banners to be hung in a park for weeks prior to an art festival. The catch was they were to be printed on a material that would withstand the outdoor elements but also enable the top of each banner to be hand painted by local artists.

Whether you are planning to celebrate reaching a fund-raising goal for an important cause or planning a citywide celebration, in almost every case a banner can be a great addition. So with all of the hundreds of celebrations life has to offer, banners are a great cause for celebration!

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Laura Gaulke is director of marketing and product development for PPAI supplier member Neely Manufacturing Company.

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