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Custom Printed Columbia® Sportswear

Give your customers or workers something that they will be fond of, a Columbia® promotional product that is both functional and stylish. Imprinted Columbia®'s jackets, outerwear, fleece items, and vests are the perfect promotional gift for your company. The quality and popular Columbia® name will show off your company in the utmost fashion.

Columbia® outerwear offers shirts, fleece items, vests, jackets, sport shirts, parkas, and wind shirts for you promotional giveaway or gift.

Sway your clients from the competition by giving them a Columbia® fleece jacket. The stylish Columbia® jackets bearing your marketing, advertising, or public relation (PR) firms name is just the thing to pull your clients in. Your clients will wear your agency name with pride and style.

No matter what political or government position you are campaigning for, you and your workers will always look like the President in a Columbia® fleece jacket or vest. Columbia®'s high quality outerwear will display your name with superiority. It may not be the deciding factor in your election, but at least the voters will surely know that you are a classy and well-dressed government figure.

Real Estate
Start your upcoming company outing by giving your workers a Columbia® fleece that bears your mortgage or real estate firms name on it. Not only will they be comfortable, they will be proud that their firm invests in such high quality products for them. Your workers will know that you appreciate their hard work after receiving a complementary Columbia® outerwear item.

Send your client off on a vacation or business trip with a Columbia® outerwear item with your travel agency or travel consultant name on it. Columbia®'s jackets, shirts, and vests are the perfect promotional item for your travel clients needs. They will walk, act, and feel like your number one customer!!!

It is a proven fact that giving a gift with a media subscription boasts sales, so why not treat your subscribers with a promotional Columbia® fleece jacket or vest. Having your newspaper, magazine or televisions station on a Columbia® outerwear item will increase your sales, as well as, further promote your media channel. Both you and your subscribers will come out on top.

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