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The Best Time For Business Gifts

By Douglas Heath, CAE

Many think about giving business gifts only around the holiday season. While the holidays are appropriate, there are many other times when receiving a gift may have an even greater impact. Here are 10 different times to send gifts:
  1. To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of your or their business.

  2. At the end of your fiscal year to say thanks for contributing to your firm's success.

  3. Special dates such as national holidays, birthdays or anniversaries.

  4. At employee staff or recognition meetings.

  5. Anytime someone refers business to you.

  6. On a client's birthday.

  7. To acknowledge a promotion or job change.

  8. To recognize extra effort by an individual, team or department.

  9. On occasions such as a birth or graduation.

  10. To express sympathy over the loss of a loved one or colleague.
Of course, don't forget simply doing it out of the blue. Receiving a business gift that's totally unexpected brings greater visibility for the sender and his company. Think of the impact of giving a business gift anytime you want to say thank you.

COPYRIGHT © 2002 The Advertising Specialty Institute. All rights reserved.
Adapted from Business Gifts: A Critical Corporate Consideration. Imprint Magazine.
Douglas Heath, CAE is a business consultant and professor at the University of North Texas' Hotel and Restaurant Management division.

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