Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops are the easiest way to build a quick-ordering solution!

  • Step 1: We work with you to pick merch to offer
  • Step 2: We build the pop-up shop with an opening and closing date. 
  • Step 3: Once the shop closes, we aggregate all the orders, produce and ship domestically and internationally all at once!
  • Step 4: After the shop closes, it typically takes 20-22 business days for the final product to reach recipient doorsteps.

No inventory commitment. 

No inventory pre-payment.

Low/No cost to create the shop.


Shop Examples

  1. *NEW* Choose a Gift or Donate Your Gift Shop
  2. *NEW* Choose a Mystery Gift Shop
  3. Choose-A-Gift Shop
  4. Thank-You Gifts for Attending a Virtual Event
  5. Virtual Event Merch Shop
  6. Employee Apparel Choice Shop
  7. Company-Wide Swag Ordering Opportunity
  8. National Recruitment Tools (Job Fair Traffic Builders)
  9. Official College Merch for Departmental Purchasers
  10. Sponsorship Opportunity for Virtual Event Swag Bag Items
  11. Quick Re-Order Shop for a large company with multiple purchasers
  12. A Pop-Up Shop Demo showing all the bells and whistles

Contact us to find out more or start a project!


Home Delivery

We offer stress-free fulfillment and shipping!

Sit back and relax while we print, build and handle drop-shipping to office or remote addresses.

Prefer to handle the distribution yourself? We can bulk-ship the orders to your location instead. You’ll receive a full breakdown of who ordered what, making it easy to distribute products and track individual purchases.


Custom Data Capture

Need your shoppers' remote work addresses? No problem!

Upon checkout, we can collect that info for you...as well as any other data you would like to capture.

For instance:

  • Ask for a referral
  • Ask prospects some qualifying questions about their buying habits
  • Survey employees about the types of recognition swag they would like to see
  • Ask for department, division or supervisor's name



Once the products are selected, shop creation takes 2-3 days.

We suggest keeping the shop open for no more than 3 weeks (the more time you give people the longer they will procrastinate!)

During those weeks, we recommend you send 4 emails:

  • Email 1: Introducing the shop, sharing the link, sharing deadline date
  • Email 2: Friendly reminder to place your order in the shop
  • Email 3: Reminder 3 days before shop closes
  • Email 4: Reminder day of shop closing...Last call...shop closing at 5 pm today

After the shop closes, it typically take 20-22 business days to delivery at recipient's doorsteps.

This includes time to produce the swag & packaging, receive the materials in our fulfillment center, assemble the kits, and shipping transit time.

Tighter deadline? Let us know...we might have a few tricks up our sleeve!


Contact us to find out more or start a project!