Surprise & Delight with an "Experience in a Box!"

Create an emotional brand connection in a socially-distanced world with swag bags, corporate gifts and more.

Who doesn't love a surprise package?

According to Epsilon marketing research, 60% of people report an emotional boost when receiving something physical in the mail.

We can help you find the perfect swag and ship your kits to any address - even international!

See examples of client kits or Contact us to find out more or start a project!


  • Kitting projects typically take 18-20 business days from start to delivery at recipient's doorsteps.
  • This includes time to design and produce the swag & packaging, receive the materials in our fulfillment center, assemble the kits, and shipping transit time.

Tighter deadline? Let us know...we might have a few tricks up our sleeve!

Kitting and fulfillment costs depend on:

  • Which items you choose
  • The total number of kits
  • How many items you choose to include in the kit
  • The type of packaging
  • Optional enhancements (insert cards, box stickers, crinkle pack, tissue paper, etc.)

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Shipping costs depend on:

  • Whether we’re shipping in bulk to 1 address or to individual recipients
  • Package weight
  • Business or residential addresses
  • Zip code
  • As a ballpark, budget $6.00 for packages under 1 pound and $9-12 for packages between 1 and 3 pounds

Recipient addresses
Don’t have addresses for all of your recipients? No problem! We can set up a pop-up shop that collects addresses, apparel sizes, and more!

Suggested Uses
During virtual event registration, let potential attendees know that each registrant will receive an experience in a box delivered to their home doorsteps. We have seen this simple sentence get people "off the fence"!

If you don't want to send a box to ALL registrants, here are two clever ways to limit the amount of boxes you send.

  1. Only the first X number of registrations will receive an experience in a box
  2. X number of lucky registrants who register before X date will be selected at random to receive the official event experience in a box (valued at $X).

Simply by having an experience in a box as part of your event, you will create social media buzz (who doesn't love posting swag pics and unboxing videos?)

Experiences in a box create sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors get the chance to engage with registrants through a piece of tangible media shipped directly in registrants' homes. Much better long-term brand exposure than an e-mail, digital ad or event signage.


Contact us to find out more or start a project!


Examples of Client Kits

9 oz

10 oz

11 oz

11 oz

11 oz

12 oz

13 oz

1 lb

1 lb 2 oz

1 lb 3 oz

1 lb 7 oz

1 lb 10 oz

1 lb 11 oz

2 lbs 4 oz

2 lb 4 oz

2 lbs 8 oz

2 lbs 8 oz

3 lbs

3 lb 2 oz

3lbs 10 oz

4 lbs

5 lbs

6 lbs

7 lbs 6 oz

8 lbs 6 oz.