Stress costs U.S. businesses an estimated $300 billion each year, according to the American Institute of Stress. To combat this serious problem, develop a strategy for reducing stress throughout your company. Implement a comprehensive health and wellness program that includes personal training, nutrition education, and onsite fitness classes. Other options include partnering with a local gym that will offer membership discounts to your employees; hiring a massage therapist to visit your company periodically throughout the year (especially during peak stress times), incorporating 15 minute stretching breaks; and creating a daily walking club that offers rewards for reaching distance milestones. The key is to be proactive. A stress-free workplace is a productive and profitable workplace.

Conference Stress Relievers
The next time you host a conference or workshop or conduct an in-house survey, reward your attendees with stress-relieving gifts. If it's an overnight event, have the gifts placed in their rooms before they arrive. It will demonstrate how much you appreciate their attendance, set your event apart from others, and encourage your participants to stay engaged throughout.

Showing Appreciation
Give the gift of relaxation with one of our stress relieving kits. Its the perfect way to show your customers just how much you value their business.

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