A food distributor of Hispanic items grew his business immensely by simply leaving custom-imprinted napkins and plates along with his food for the grocery chains to sample. The imprinted products were utilized while sampling, and his name brand was strongly validated.

A bank is frequently approached for monetary donations from different non-profit organizations around the community. They decide to use custom-imprinted napkins, cups and plates for a donation that will have great impact and allow the bank to take the credit for supplying the food service products.

A national pharmaceutical company is having a hard time getting appointments with doctor's offices and, knowing that the doctors rarely go out for lunch, the sales person decides to bring in lunch and have a "lunch and learn" session. Adding to the professionalism, the sales person brings in a custom-printed food service set which includes a tote bag filled with 25 napkins, plates, cups and utensils, all imprinted with the new drug they are promoting. After the session is over, many of the food service products are left over and put in the break room for future use, reminding the staff of the new drug. In one particular case, 15,000+ sets were ordered and used for 2 years.

A great deal of manufacturing and corporate firms feature napkins, cups, plates and coasters in their corporate catalogs so dealers can order for their next special event. Products such as these are highly successful in corporate catalogs. These products have worked in bank, trucking, phone, food, technology, agricultural, furniture, consumer products and party catalogs, just to name a few.

Upscale automotive dealers offers coffee, soft drinks and snacks to clients while they wait for their cars to be serviced. The dealer logo is displayed on coffee clutches, paper cups, napkins and plastic plates.

>Many state offices have discovered that custom-designed napkins, imprinted with the state seal, add dignity and prominence to state functions.

Nursing associations often come together and serve snacks and refreshments to hospital staff, patients and visitors. By using custom-printed napkins, cups and plates, they promote the association's positive efforts and spread goodwill.

One television network wanted to encourage fans to use its reality show as an excuse for weekly get togethers. They ordered matching cups, napkins and plates to be sold on the network's website. The show is a hit and viewing parties are popping up everywhere using TGI products.

An alumni organization sponsors a tailgating event at each home football game and uses matching napkins, cups, plates and utensils.

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