PRODUCT: Safety Vest and Reflective Snap Bands
CUSTOMER: Government Transportation Department
OBJECTIVE: Increase Cyclist Safety

In an effort to increase the safety of bike riders over the summer the government department decided to imprint reflective safety vests and wrist bands to be given away along several popular bike paths throughout the summer.


Cyclist/auto accidents decreased by 4%. The decrease was attributed to the proactive safety campaign.

CUSTOMER: Film manufacturer
OBJECTIVE: Employee Gift

A film manufacturing company decided to imprint hard hats as gifts for factory employees who received a promotion.


The employees loved the commemorative and useful gift.

PRODUCT: Safety Lantern
CUSTOMER: Insurance Company
OBJECTIVE: New customer thank you gift

An multi-line insurance company imprinted safety lanterns that could be kept in an automobile for emergencies. The lanterns were given out to existing customers who also opened an auto insurance policy.


The customers loved the thoughtful gifts.

PRODUCT: Survivor Whistle
CUSTOMER: Sporting Goods Supply
OBJECTIVE: Promote annual Memorial Day Sale

A sporting good supply store wanted to promote their huge annual Memorial Day sale. They ran an ad in local papers advertising the sale and a special gift with any purchase of $100 or more. The gift was a survivor whistle imprinted with the store's logo and phone number.


Using the gift as an incentive the sale was the most successful ever with an increase of 18% and an average purchase dollar amount increase of 36%.

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