Nothing brings people together quite like a relaxing evening sipping wine, nibbling cheese and having great conversation. Want clients and employees associate your brand with this good feeling? Offer a wine or a wine and cheese gift set to show your appreciation.

PRODUCT: Wine Gift Set
CUSTOMER: Event Planner

An event planner wanted to thank her top clients for their support and business.  She got them all individual wine sets, imprinted with her logo.  The sets, containing a wine opener, drip ring, and a foil cutter were all packaged in a gift case. She also included a bottle of wine with a custom label with each gift set.


The clients were very surprised and touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the gift.  They told the planner that the sets would be put to good use!

PRODUCT: Wine and Cheese Gift Set
CUSTOMER: Corporate Law Firm

A corporate law firm wanted to thank its top clients for their business throughout the year.  For the holidays, each client received a wine and cheese gift set imprinted with the company's logo.


The clients were very impressed with the gifts and enjoyed them immensely.  The law firm experienced an increased amount of business from those clients following the holidays.

PRODUCT: Classic Wine Opener
CUSTOMER: Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company hosted a cocktail party for a group of doctors to introduce the launch of a new drug. The company invested in custom-printed wine opener gift sets in a lovely gift box and left one on the chair of each doctor.


The pharmaceutical company experienced appreciation from the doctors for their gift and an excellent after launch return on their investment in marketing the new drug.

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