Build a Tech-Savvy Team
Raise the performance of your team with technology gift sets. Encourage them to attend workshops, conferences and seminars that focus on applying technology efficiently in the workplace. Before they leave, present them with a flash drive for downloading presentation materials at the event. Upon their return, give them a technology gift set after they share what they learned with the rest of the group. It will not only keep their focus high during the event, it will generate new ideas from the whole team about how to take advantage of the information.

Break Through Web Clutter
According to Nielson/Net Ratings 2006, there are more than 140 million Web users in the U.S., and Wired Magazine reported that there were more than 600 billion web pages in 2005. Use a creative, multi-channel approach to break through the clutter. For your direct mail strategy, include a small gift such as a wireless mouse, with information about the web site launch - or point visitors to the web page where they can receive a free gift.

Trade Shows
Close sales more quickly by making connections at trade shows. Research shows that it takes just one follow-up call to seal a deal with a trade show contact, compared to 3.7 calls without. Further, about 80% of trade show attendees surveyed reported having buying influence.

To make your job as easy as possible, entice qualified buyers to your booth with a pre-trade show mailing. Send an appealing invitation to all attendees to stop at your booth with one piece of a multi piece gift set. Explain that in order to get the rest of the set, attendees need to stop by your booth with their gift. Include a picture of the full gift that visitors will receive if they present it to you during the event.

Remember to include your booth number and instructions on where to find you, noting trade show floor landmarks. If you're on a tight budget, use the invitation only for certain attendees to receive the gift set.

PRODUCT: USB Memory Flash Drives
CUSTOMER: Entrepreneur



An up-and-coming entrepreneur wanted to find a unique promotional product to push his new computer software programming business. He thought about what his target market would most appreciate and decided to use flash drives. He imprinted the useful flash drives— small enough to put on a key chain and easy to plug into a computer’s USB port— with the new company’s name, logo and contact information. When a user plugs a drive into a computer, a demonstration about using the drive appears along with information about the company’s products. 


The flash drives were given away to potential clients.


The company’s sales for the year are projected to be $10 million. The entrepreneur estimates this is the most successful promotion he’s ever run.


Thank customers and encourage return visits


A trendy city hotel wanted to turn small conference and business-meeting attendees into repeat renters of its elegant meeting rooms. 


Instead of the traditional padfolio on the conference table, each attendee received a USB multi-kit, decorated with the hotel’s logo.


Attendees appreciated the unique gift, and the hotel noticed an increase in repeat business.

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