PRODUCT: Coolers
CUSTOMER: Global Auditing Firm

Employee Appreciation


A global auditing firm recently ordered coolers and filled them with customized water bottles, teamwork stress relievers and fold-up flyers. These packages were given out to employees who were just completing a stressful audit season. Copy printed on the notes inside the coolers read, “Looking forward to some time off? We can help you get ready.  Thanks for all your hard work, enjoy the summer.”


The employees all enjoyed their de-stress coolers.

CUSTOMER: Country Club
OBJECTIVE: Tennis Tournament Souvenir

A country club wanted to thank their members who had participated in the annual Holiday Tennis Tournament. Club owners decided to give each participant a cooler imprinted with the tournament date and name of the club. Each brightly colored cooler would enable participants to keep a 12-pack of beverages cold for the duration of all their future tournaments!


Participants did not expect and greatly appreciated the gifts. The following year club owners saw a 10% increase in the number of Holiday Tennis Tournament participants.

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