PRODUCT: BIC® Mouse Pad Coasters
CUSTOMER: Credit Union
OBJECTIVE: Advertise services with giveaway item at local event

A credit union always kept a supply of imprinted BIC® Clic Stic® pens at all branch locations. The company planned to set up a booth at a local fall festival. To promote goodwill within the community and build awareness of their services, they decided to pass out BIC Mouse Pad Coasters at the event, because they were useful and fit within the limited budget.

They imprinted the face of a quarter on a round coaster with the company name around the edge of the coaster. The coaster also displayed some of the services the company offered such as IRAs, CSs and other investment opportunities. The bank planned to hand out all leftover coasters at branch locations.

DISTRIBUTION: Handed out at local event and bank locations.
OUTCOME: The campaign went very well, and the bank has decided to repeat this campaign quarterly with a series of coasters that customers can obtain throughout the next year. They plan to create a penny, nickel and dime to complete the series. The program will encourage customers to visit the bank at least once per quarter which will be a great advertising opportunity.
PRODUCT: BIC® Mouse Pad Coasters
CUSTOMER: Car Manufacturer
OBJECTIVE: Creatively launch a new product

A car manufacturer wanted to include a few low cost options in its catalog. This maker of fine automobiles, world renowned for impeccable style and reliability,
planned to introduce four series of cars in the coming year.

Filling a void in the catalog for low-cost options available for sale, the company decided to create BIC Mouse Pad Coaster sets emphasizing these four new cars.

DISTRIBUTION: Distributed via direct mail through catalog sales.
OUTCOME: This cost-effective solution emphasized the four new cars very well and the company achieved its first year forecast on this new car series. The 4-color process printing produced outstanding images.
PRODUCT: BIC® Mouse Pad Coasters
CUSTOMER: Little League Team
OBJECTIVE: Gain sponsors and raise funds

RugRats Little League, a baseball league for young children, campaigns every year to gain sponsors for each of its teams. They also fundraise to pay for uniforms, equipment, etc. RugRats needed a fairly inexpensive item that they could give out to local sponsors, parents, and others involved with the league for fundraising purposes. BIC’s Mouse Pad Coaster allowed for creativity, and could
be personalized with little league information. The league designed the round coaster to look like a baseball, complete with red stitching.

DISTRIBUTION: Sold coasters in the local community to raise funds.
OUTCOME: The team raised more money than in previous years and will continue with the same concept next year.
PRODUCT: BI® Sticky Note™ Notepads, WideBody® Pens and BIC® Coasters
CUSTOMER: Cafe/Coffee House
OBJECTIVE: Promote “sports” theme of sales meeting and motivate employees
OVERVIEW: A national coffee house wanted to consistently communicate a fun, team-building message at its upcoming sales meeting. They carried out the theme “Together We
Can Win,” off-hours with softball and paint ball team building games, and within the conference setting by filling the rooms with basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls and golf balls. In addition, the company wanted to
communicate its message through the materials handed out to attendees. To achieve this, they printed images of sports balls on stock circle adhesive notepads and coasters, and completed the set with the WideBody Designs Sports pen. The coffee house personalized all items with its company name.
DISTRIBUTION: Every meeting attendee received a theme pack with a Sticky Note pad, coaster and pen.
OUTCOME: The sales people all returned to their offices with these items, which serve as constant reminders to think like a team. The coffee house will continue to use BIC products for all sales meetings in the future.

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