CUSTOMER: Travel Agencies
OBJECTIVE: Promote spring break trips to students

Direct mail pieces usually have low return rates and typically it is difficult to gauge the exposure a company receives. Best Travel Agency decided to do a mouse pad to advertise a travel package to students for spring break.

The agency imprinted their company name and phone number on the mouse pad, as well as images of spring break destinations and information.

DISTRIBUTION: The agency sent out a mailing to a list of 5,000 registered students that included the mouse pad sample as well as a variety of brochures on spring break destinations. It was easy and inexpensive to mail as it sits flat in a large
standard-size envelope.
OUTCOME: The travel agency received its highest call volume for two months after this piece went
out and sold 35% more packages than in previous years.
CUSTOMER: University
OBJECTIVE: Create awareness of programs and festivities

A university needed a way to advertise their Camel Back program, which brings students together in the middle of the campus, in the middle of the week for various cross-cultural events.

DISTRIBUTION: The University chose to give out a BIC Mouse Pad imprinted with the schedule of upcoming Camel Back events to incoming freshmen, as well as to currently enrolled students.
OUTCOME: The University saw an increase in the attendance at the Camel Back events and continues to order new mouse pads each quarter, imprinted with the upcoming schedule of Camel Back events.
CUSTOMER: Collision Service
OBJECTIVE: Advertise services to local insurance claims adjusters

A collision service developed a simple direct mail campaign to increase company loyalty and to make itself the garage of preference among the local insurance claims adjustors.

DISTRIBUTION: The collision service sent a Mouse Pad to 250 claims adjusters in the area. The mouse pad was imprinted with the company’s slogan, addresses and phone numbers, and used the “coins” stock art background. The mouse pad was inexpensive to mail, and served as a constant reminder of the company’s name to the claims adjustors, who spend much of their day working on a computer. The “coins” background was used to reinforce the idea of saving money.
OUTCOME: The mailer was a great success, and the collision service saw a 15% increase in its
insurance business.
CUSTOMER: Non-profit hospital
OBJECTIVE: Advertise new program

A non-profit hospital implementing a new Respiratory Care Management Information System to assist in providing patient data to nurses wanted to hand out a product to all program participants in order to increase brand recall.

The hospital created mouse pads imprinted with the name of the new program, RC-MIS. The participants included respiratory care nurses, members of the IT department and other hospital staff.

DISTRIBUTION: The hospital handed out BIC Mouse Pads at training sessions.
OUTCOME: The promotion for RC-MIS proved to be a great success because the mouse pads continuously reminded new users of the program name.
CUSTOMER: Manufacturing Companies
OBJECTIVE: To aid organization within recently merged companies
OVERVIEW: A large amount of confusion and disorganization often arises within companies during mergers and acquisitions. Employees often don’t know whom to contact within the new company regarding HR issues such as health care, retirement, etc. When one manufacturing company acquired its competitor and moved both companies into one location, it developed a mouse pad for all personnel with the purpose of alleviating confusion and worries. They imprinted the mouse pad with the new company name/logo, location information, and departmental information.
DISTRIBUTION: All employees received a mouse pad for their desk.
OUTCOME: The employees felt relieved to know whom to call for their HR issues, and the transition during the acquisition was very smooth.
OBJECTIVE: Increase web site traffic
OVERVIEW: A bank that recently updated its online banking services wanted to encourage customers to use the website for banking services rather than making visits to the branches. The bank designed mouse pad with the logo and web address.
DISTRIBUTION: The bank sent a mouse pad to every customer.
OUTCOME: The campaign proved to be very successful. Traffic on the bank’s web site increased 20% as a direct result of the promotion.
PRODUCT: BIC® Sticky Note™, Magnets and BIC® Mouse Pads
CUSTOMER: 1st Nations Bank
OBJECTIVE: Promote new low-interest home loans and online banking

1st Nations Bank was looking for products to promote its new low-interest home loans and online banking service to potential customers. The products needed to
be functional, capture the theme of the banking services and have brand recognition.

The bank planned to launch the new promotions with a weekend-long special event at each branch.


Two weeks before the special event, the bank sent each existing customer a Message Magnet customized with words related to buying a house. The Magnet also included the special event date and the Bank’s logo.

To promote online banking, they used a computer stock-shaped BIC® StickyNote™ as an advertisement on the front page of the local newspaper.

At the event, the bank used House Themed BIC® Sticky Note™ Combo Packs as door giveaways and also gave a house-shaped Mouse Pad to each customer who signed
up for the online banking service.

OUTCOME: The event was very successful. Over the weekend-long promotion, the bank used 100% of the promotional giveaways and increased online banking users by 25%.
PRODUCT: BIC® Mouse Pads
CUSTOMER: Sandwich Shop
OBJECTIVE: Grow lunch-time customer base

A sandwich shop has been in business for 60 years and has a well-established lunch crowd that is aging. The shop needs to target a younger audience that does not go out for lunch as often but orders in quite a bit. The shop decided to target large office centers in the area by dropping off menus, as it has always done, but with a twist that will draw attention. The restaurant decided to purchase the BIC Mouse Pad, imprinted with the lunch menu and website information. This enables the customer to save time by deciding what they want to order before they enter the restaurant, or to order online for speedy delivery.


2,000 menu mouse pads were distributed to local office centers for potential patrons to use at their desk and have the sandwich shop in mind when lunchtime nears.

OUTCOME: Within the first week of distribution the restaurant’s sales increased 20%. Of that, 15% was on online delivery orders. Because of the increase in sales, the sandwich shop has decided to reorder the Mouse Pads every time the menu is updated.
PRODUCT: BIC® Mouse Pads
CUSTOMER: Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
OBJECTIVE: Announce new website to dealer network

A heavy equipment manufacturer wanted to announce their new website to their network of 1,200 dealers. The website was redesigned to be more high-tech and user-friendly. The company decided to print their announcement on BIC Mouse Pads. With this strategy, the company web address would be in front of dealers at all times.


1,200 heavy equipment dealers nationwide received an announcement package including the BIC MP2A Mouse Pad from the heavy equipment manufacturer.

OUTCOME: In the weeks following the mail drop, dealer traffic on the web site increased by 20%. In the year-end customer satisfaction survey, dealers gave higher marks for ease of doing business. The mouse pad succeeded in building awareness of the new site and keeping the information in front of the customer.
PRODUCT: BIC® Mouse Pads
CUSTOMER: Software Company
OBJECTIVE: Increase call volume and revenues

An accounting software manufacturer wanted to give a gift to thank his customers for their continued business. The company had a small budget, and needed to find an inexpensive token of appreciation. They chose a fabric mouse pad with bright colors and an abstract background. The company imprinted their logo and a humorous message onto the pad stating “Thank you for choosing us for all of your accounting software needs. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our products. Should your computer fail in any other way, please use this complimentary mouse pad for your head, until help arrives.”


One mouse pad sent to every customer.

OUTCOME: The gift got rave reviews and the software company attributes a 10% sales increase as a result of the mouse pads.

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