Attractive packaging elevates your promotion from mediocre to memorable.

If you hand someone a travel mug or a t-shirt, it's a giveaway - a freebie, promotional handout. When you take as much care with the packaging as you do with the product, it will be thought of as something much more important...a gift!

Packaging can create quite a stir among target audiences. By going the extra step to “dress up” the items you need to distribute – be it sales literature, product samples, thank you gifts, new customer informational kits, you name it – you as a marketer send a strong message about how much you value your target audience.

PRODUCT: Frosted Shoppers
CUSTOMER: Healthcare System
OBJECTIVE: Increase awareness of career paths

A healthcare system wanted to promote various healthcare career paths as well as increase awareness of the importance of continuing education in the pursuit of these careers among its employees and their dependents.  A slogan was created for the program, which had a “back to school” theme, and each faculty had its own event. 

DISTRIBUTION: At the event, a “Report Card” program survey was completed by all attendees and various themed promotional products were given away, all conveniently placed in a plastic bag also imprinted with the program’s slogan.

The popular program will be continued by the healthcare system as a 27% response rate to the survey achieved through attendance at the events was reported.

PRODUCT: Frosted Shoppers
CUSTOMER: Cosmetics company
OBJECTIVE: Distribute samples at a tradeshow

A national cosmetics company preparing for a trade show wanted to attractively distribute samples of its new bath products and promote its specials in a conspicuous manner.  The company selected elegant plastic bags that had the strength and stability to hold the multitude of products as well as having a touch of class.

DISTRIBUTION: The bags were filled with samples and given away to qualified prospects at the tradeshow.

The bags were a smashing success and allowed the company to show off its products and make them easy to carry away by potential vendors and clients.

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