Attractive packaging elevates your promotion from mediocre to memorable.

If you hand someone a travel mug or a t-shirt, it's a giveaway - a freebie, promotional handout. When you take as much care with the packaging as you do with the product, it will be thought of as something much more important...a gift!

Packaging can create quite a stir among target audiences. By going the extra step to “dress up” the items you need to distribute – be it sales literature, product samples, thank you gifts, new customer informational kits, you name it – you as a marketer send a strong message about how much you value your target audience.

Executote Bags
Our bags offer an affordabe way to gain maximum exposure. Here are just a few of the ways others have used the celebration bag:
  • Realtors use the executote to present "Welcome to the Neighborhood" gifts to new home buyers, while the pocket is used to hold an agent's business card. This example offers an excellent strategy for national companies that achieves to objectives: 1) a company promotes its national brand while 2) simultaneously allowing the gift-givving employee to personalize it with their own message.
  • Hotels take advantage of the Executote by presenting a welcome gift at check-in to their weary guests. The bag contains small comfort items - a bottle of water, snacks, a local area map - while the pocket holds their room key.
  • Pharmaceutical companies use this bag to present free product samples to doctors and pharmacies, with the pocket holding important product data, all within easy reach.
  • Corporations use the Executote for their national sales meetings, conferences and seminars, in which the pocked is used for holding Welcome/Thank-You notes, name badges, or conference schedules. They're excellent as room gifts for such events.
  • Salons have had great success in which the bag holds all of the customer's care products and the pocket holds the customer's appointment card for their next visit.

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