Attractive packaging elevates your promotion from mediocre to memorable.

If you hand someone a travel mug or a t-shirt, it's a giveaway - a freebie, promotional handout. When you take as much care with the packaging as you do with the product, it will be thought of as something much more important...a gift!

Packaging can create quite a stir among target audiences. By going the extra step to “dress up” the items you need to distribute – be it sales literature, product samples, thank you gifts, new customer informational kits, you name it – you as a marketer send a strong message about how much you value your target audience.

PRODUCT: Eurototes
CUSTOMER: Pharmaceutical company
OBJECTIVE: Promote their products at doctors offices

A national pharmaceutical company was having a hard time getting appointments with doctors’ offices. We recommended a lunch service set that included napkins, plates, cups and utensils packaged in a Eurotote bag. All of the items were custom imprinted with the logo of the drug they were trying to promote.

DISTRIBUTION: The pharmaceutical company's sales reps purchased lunch for the doctor's offices and delivered it along with the bags.

The sales reps found it easier to make appointments when they offered to buy lunch for the staff. After lunch, the bags were left in the room for future use, reminding the staff of the new drug.

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