Imprinted apparel is by far the most popular and visible promotional product. Many people have half a dozen or more t-shirts, sport shirts, windbreakers or sweatshirts emblazoned with a logo or message that they got from a promotion or as a gift.

There’s a reason wearables remain the top promotional category year after year: Its unique combination of visibility and functionality is hard to beat! Imprinted or embroidered wearables can easily be tied to specific promotional opportunities.

Imprinted apparel also offers a unique opportunity to develop your brand. A great example is the UPS brown. Who doesn't immediately associate the brown uniform with UPS? And don’t forget wearables-related accessories like ties, scarves, caps, aprons, towels, blankets, and umbrellas. Creative business owners can even buy beach sandals with their company logo on the sole, leaving a “positive impression” in the sand.

It all adds up to one of the most vibrant and expansive categories of promotional products, one that’s far more than just sweatshirts and tees.

If you are in the market for wearables, below are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

A Few Opportunities to Make a Statement with Imprinted Apparel

  • Team-building at any offsite sales meetings
  • Employee gear for casual Fridays
  • Trade show attire for your booth staff
  • A salesperson “leave-behind” after a prospect visit
  • Client gifts
  • Uniforms for company-sponsored sports events (softball teams, golf outings, etc.)

PRODUCT: Apparel
OBJECTIVE: Introduce New Logo
OVERVIEW: A federal home loan bank wanted to unveil its new logo with an impressive introduction. However, it often had trouble gathering a large attendance for company meetings where it planned to unveil the logo. A creative approach was thought of to increase attendance.

The bank staged a fashion show starring employees where each "model" walked the runway in apparel with the new logo. One employee was at play, another was dressed to play basketball, and the corporate executives and assistants wore logo-ed shirts. A goodie bag was also put together for each employee to address concerns about the old logo's lack of flexibility.

It was a memorable and exciting unveiling of the new logo.

PRODUCT: Apparel
CUSTOMER: Local Township
OBJECTIVE: Fundraising
OVERVIEW: Planning for a township’s tri centennial celebration began 18 months ahead of time and involved the use commemorative products to raise funds for the event. 

Local retailers displayed window decals, and a Tricentennial Golf Tournament was held, with each of the 18 holes historically named and made available for sponsorship through donations.  Apparel items, like caps and shirts embroidered with the tricentennial logo, also greatly helped raise money for the event.

The township raised $100,000 for the celebration, with 20-30,000 people expected to attend.  The mayor said it was “largely attributable to the outstanding planning, promotion and products provided.”

PRODUCT: Sandals
OBJECTIVE: Develop Patient Loyalty
OVERVIEW: An MRI Company wanted to develop patient loyalty and thank doctors for their support.  After doctors referred patients to the company, each patient received a gift of foam sandals imprinted with the company logo.

Sandals had replaced t-shirts as the gift, and were so well received that the company decided to continue using them indefinitely.

CUSTOMER: Electronics Company
OBJECTIVE: Promote New Video Game

An electronics corporation was releasing the sequel to one of its military video games that simulated the missions of US Navy Seals but had to contend with not only a crowded video game market but also a release date during the busy holiday season.

It decided to use several direct-mail pieces that focused on highlighting the game's game play and overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a goal of obtaining mainstream media coverage. There were a variety of promotional products used in the mailings that used the game's military theme, such as a camouflage t-shirt.


The mailing was very successful, earning the desired mainstream media coverage and sales of close to a million units during the first two months after its release.  The corporation’s PR specialist said, “We definitely feel this type of project contributes to the success and awareness of the game.”

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