We have to admit…the images on our site really rock!  However, although we spent months preparing them for you to see in high resolution, there are times when the photography may not be totally clear or the product detailing may not be easy to see. If this is the case or you just want to “touch and feel” the product you are thinking of ordering (before you give us your money!), go ahead, order a sample!

We offer random samples (samples that may be blank or decorated with another company's logo), at no charge.  Samples are offered to business clients using the product for business purposes.  You may be asked to pay for a sample(s) if you are a first time client or are requesting more expensive items.

Please do not request a sample if, when you are ready to order, your total order will not meet our minimum order standards.

After you complete the Request a Sample Form, an Account Specialist will follow up with you to ask a few questions and learn more about your business. 

Sample Shipping
You may receive separate shipments at separate times since we ship from various vendor partner factories throughout the US. 

Samples are generally shipped via Ground service within 48 hours. 

If you require faster shipping we can use your Fed Ex or UPS Account # or charge your credit card as follows:

If you are ordering multiple samples, please ask your Account Specialist from how many different factories the samples will ship.
Pre-Production samples
While we are fanatical about details and getting your order imprinted correctly, there may be times when you want to see the first imprinted product imprinted with your logo “off the line” before we run your entire order. 

A pre-production sample always adds additional production time to your order.  The sample also costs additional money.  The cost varies with each product chosen, so call for details.

Once you give us written or e-mailed approval for your pre-production sample, we head back to the presses for final production of the remaining pieces. 

Note that the charges for a pre-production sample still remain even if the order does not proceed to final production.

Because of the added time and costs, we discourage pre-production samples on smaller orders.  We encourage a pre-production sample for larger orders when time and budgets allow for one.


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