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Destination Items and Promotional Products

Destination Items
Everyone wants a break, and nothing is more exciting than a vacation or simply traveling to a new place. Whether someone is looking to relax on the beach, take an outdoor adventure, attend a corporate meeting or explore a new city, traveling provides people with a break from the norm and time away from their daily routine.

Trips provide people with a break, but to build excitement or to ensure that the trip is memorable it's important to incorporate a destination item in the mix. "Destination items are necessary details to any trip. Putting your company's logo on something fun and creative like flip-flops or ski hats helps employees and customers remember the company that cares about them," says Printable Promotions' Mitch Silver.

Half of the excitement of a vacation comes in the anticipation before the trip, and a trip's success is measured by the memories the traveler takes with him. Destination items provide both a way to look forward to a trip and a way to remember a fun or purposeful time.

Whether it's mentally preparing by thumbing through a book or physically preparing by packing a suitcase full of new clothes, travelers like to be ready and excited about their departure. Destination items will help customers remember the company they're dealing with, and destination items will help employees think positively about the people they work for.

Building Excitement for your Clients
With all the anticipation and excitement surrounding trips, there is a lot of pressure on the vacation planner. One way to help the planner ensure that a trip is successful is to provide his recipients with something that builds excitement about the upcoming journey.

If you are a travel agent planning a cruise for customers, you might want to send them a cruise ship shaped chocolate or a cruise ship shaped stress reliever with your agency's name on it. When they're frustrated with deadlines or paperwork, they can be reminded that sweet relief is on its way, and you will be the person they will thank. Silver says, "Making the positive association between an upcoming trip and your company is one of the best ways to put your company's name in the minds of your clients."

Incentive Travel
Rewarding employees or distributor dealers with travel is one of the most powerful methods of attracting business, increasing profits, enhancing product awareness or improving employee performance. Businesses who have used vacation incentives for both their employees and customers have seen at least a 30% increase in their sales.

If companies don't publicize or build hype around travel incentives, there really isn't much of an incentive to work hard. The best way to build excitement is to use destination items to give employees something to remind them of possible rewards. Destination items also provide employees with a memory of an incentive trip and proof that their hard work paid off.

In a time when consumer satisfaction depends greatly on a company's ability to provide a knowledgeable and attentive staff to help them, it is important for companies to provide motivation for employees to live up to those consumer standards. By spending a little money on employee rewards with incentives like travel and destination items, a company can end up saving money in the long run by maintaining and attracting a satisfied clientele. It might be as low budget as a weekend-stay at a local hotel, but a company can create an exciting promotion by using a destination item like a basket full of custom-imprinted stress relief goodies.

In a survey conducted by USA Today, 93% of people surveyed said travel is a more effective reward than cash or merchandise. This is because vacation travel is something that many people would not be able to get for themselves.

Building excitement around travel incentives and introducing the offer to employees can make or break the success of the program. Oracle employees can earn a trip with their spouse every year by meeting a certain sales goal. The company provides employees with items like a magnet with the trip's dates and details to encourage them to keep working toward their goal.

Companies can also give employees a memento of their incentive vacation like a frame with the trip's location and dates or a compressed t-shirt in the shape of a margarita glass. Providing employees with a tangible reminder of possible rewards will push them even harder to succeed.

Chocolates in the shape of playing cards or a dice cube filled with chocolate poker chips could introduce a Las Vegas incentive vacation or a road atlas that will "lead them to success" can motivate employees to achieve a sales goal or company objective.

Building an Image
Like all custom-imprinted products, items that are associated with a place or travel can help people create images of the trip or destination. Destination items are a classy way for companies to promote an event, a contest or simply the company itself.

A business might want to provide its customers with a city guide that has the company logo on it to remind customers of the company's location. A company might also want to welcome customers or employees to a meeting or trade show with a gift basket catering to a particular city. Items like these create positive mental images for companies. For example, a business could give visitors a Bourbon Street gift crate filled with Louisiana goodies or a San Francisco trolley filled with treats if their business were holding an event in those particular cities.

Oh the Possibilities
There are endless possibilities for destination items. The items can be as functional as a beach towel for employees who win a beach vacation or as wacky as a safari gift set with yummy treats motivating employees to get "wild" about achieving a sales goal or earning an exotic trip.

Destination items don't need to be limited to times of travel. Making your own town or business a fun destination is easy with fun gifts for employees or customers. If you're simply hosting an event, destination items can be a nice parting gift. A chocolate Oscar can recognize an award-winning performance or a movie reel tin with candy can convey the glamour and glitz of Hollywood right in your own city.

"Destination items with your company's logo can be used for so many purposes," Silver says. "Even if there is no destination in mind, putting your company's logo on an item that gives employees or consumers a mental break provides a way to associate your company with something positive."

When it's thirty degrees outside and you're stuck in an office, you should be able to look forward to something. Destination items provide just that. They can be a reminder that hard work pays off or that you're going to get a break soon.

Destination items can welcome people, motivate people and help your company be associated with the excitement of travel. So the next time you're thinking about getting your company's name out or motivating employees and customers, think about the possibilities and the power of destination items. Search our destination travel items and promotional products - click here!

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