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Promotional Cheerstix and Thunderstix

Are you looking for a promotional product that will grab the attention of potential consumers? Do want a promotion that really makes some noise? The newest craze in cheering are noise-making Cheerstix or Thunderstix.

Promotional Cheerstix and Thunderstix
These imprintable noisemakers can be used at sporting events, parades, political rallies, sales meetings and other special events. They're made of a non-expandable plastic called ldpe, which is the same kind of plastic that grocery bags are made of. Inflate the 2 foot long noisemakers, hold two of them about 20 inches apart - then slam them together. The noise resonates throughout the balloons, making an incredible metallic, clanging sound.

Cheerstix and Thunderstix make a fun noise, but they also convey a name or slogan to the people to see and hear them. Thunderstix are versatile and high in volume… and because they're reasonably priced, you can order enough for extremely large crowds of people. Use them at a rally like the Republicans at their 2000 Convention or in a school assembly. People of all ages will enjoy them, and your company or organization will reap the benefits of having your name on the Thunderstix.

Whether you want to promote your professional sports team or cheer on your local high school team to victory, Thunderstix can be the key. Intimidate the other team with your spirit or let the community know that your business or organization cares about its local teams. Whatever your purpose, Thunderstix will have a booming effect on everyone in its presence.

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