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Select a Gift with Widespread Appeal

If you're planning to offer prospects a gift to encourage membership, you’ll want to identify the common denominator among your prospect base to ensure selecting a gift that will appeal to the majority of your target audience.

CLIENT: Fitness Center
OBJECTIVE: To increase membership

Walk into any health club or fitness center and you’ll see members dressed in a mix of outfits. Some will be wearing grubby old t-shirts and shorts; others will be bedecked in colorful, trendy attire. Regardless of personal preferences, most people probably select their workout wardrobe based on what feels comfortable.

A fitness center considered this when searching for a new member gift. They selected a shirt featuring Tempra-Dry moisture wicking technology that keeps the wearer cool, comfortable, and dry while working out. The message? You can work out, sweat, feel good and still look good. The shirts were rolled up and placed inside a water bottle. (Another useful gift!)

New members were thrilled with the offering. The fitness center signed up 20 percent more members than they did with their previous gift-with-membership offering. In addition, current members saw and heard how useful the shirts were and asked if they could purchase them. It wasn't long before the fitness center began selling the shirts to all of its members.

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