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Look Beyond the Obvious

It’s a fact: Few companies have one-of-a-kind products or services. This means you need to look, sound and behave differently from your competitors to get noticed and be remembered – even with a promotional product leave-behind.

CLIENT: Temporary Agency
OBJECTIVE: To provide the company’s sales representatives with a leave behind for sales calls

An employment agency specializing in providing temporary personnel for office positions wanted a product their sales representatives could leave behind on sales calls that would be useful, long-lasting and tie-in with their services.

The agency rejected the idea of a “traditional” office product. They felt they needed to do more than simply increase awareness of their services; they wanted to emphasize what they truly offer their clients.

The solution: a personal tire gauge with the slogan: We take the “pressure” off! The slogan was a logical reference to the employment agency's ability to resolve difficult staffing situations. The agency’s sales representatives were delighted to present a useful gift that helped sell their services. The feedback from the agency’s customers and prospects was so positive it resulted in an increase in calls for the agency’s services.

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