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Increase the Effectiveness of Offsite Meetings

Even if a sales meeting is held at a vacation destination there may be attendees who aren’t thrilled about being away from their families – especially if the event occurs over a weekend. Welcome gifts can make a difference in an employee’s level of participation.

CLIENT: Insurance Company
OBJECTIVE: Engage the company’s sales staff at a golf outing held during a sales meeting

The theme for the company’s 150-person sales meeting was Strategy in the Desert. (The event was held in Palm Springs, California.) When participants arrived at the golf outing they found a bag of promotional products waiting for them. The bag included a pack of Sharpie markers imprinted with the meeting’s theme. All of the golfers were asked to creatively “mark” a golf ball and turn it in at the end of the round with their scorecard. At the company dinner that evening, several prizes were awarded. Along with “Longest Drive” and “Closest to the Pin” awards were prizes for the most uniquely marked golf ball and the ball that best promoted the theme of the meeting.

The golfers reported having a lot of fun with the contest. The company’s management team was pleased to have successfully enticed so many people to think about the goals of the sales meeting – even while participating in a recreational activity.

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