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Image Matters

If your target audience is upscale, and you want your products to be perceived as appropriate for their needs and wants, be certain to present your products as well as product samples in an upscale manner.

CLIENT: National Cosmetics Company
OBJECTIVE: To enhance the presentation of product samples distributed at a large national trade show

A national cosmetics company preparing to exhibit at a trade show had two objectives:
  1. find a way to attractively distribute samples of its new shampoo and rinse products; and
  2. promote its show specials to attendees in a manner certain to get noticed.
To achieve its first objective, the company selected the Executote, an upscale bag featuring riveted tubed handles and a cardboard bottom insert. These features provided the strength and stability needed to hold the shampoo and rinse bottles as well as the comfort a prospect would require for carrying the product around a tradeshow floor. The hi-density frosted body of the bag afforded an elegant means of presenting product samples.

To help promote their show specials, the cosmetics company capitalized on the Executote’s most unique feature: a highly visible exterior card pocket. They designed a card specifically to highlight their show specials and inserted one in each bag to ensure that prospects would be aware of these offers.

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