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Generate Good Will

When companies are merging or restructuring, it's easy for management to get caught up with operations and overlook the people affected most by the changes. Making the effort to remind staff of their importance can generate a lot of positive energy.

CLIENT: The OB/GYN doctors and Lamaze instructors of a community hospital
OBJECTIVE: To help them adjust to a change in hospital ownership

There were two hospitals in the same community until one bought its competitor. When the buyout occurred, all of the OB/GYN doctors and Lamaze instructors from one hospital (as well as their patients) were told they needed to relocate their practice and classes, respectively, to the other hospital.

To help the doctors and Lamaze instructors who were required to switch facilities become comfortable with the transition, the buying organization’s management team sent each of them a gift designed to remind them that the service they provide is of the utmost importance – and far more important that the facility in which they perform it. The gift was a Golfers Clip on Watch imprinted with the message "The most important time of your life – giving life."

In addition, when expectant mothers prepaid for their Lamaze class they were presented with a watch. Although they couldn't wear their watch while giving birth, they could place it on a nearby table, flipped up for easy viewing.

The watches were such a success that the hospital began selling them in its gift shop.

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