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A Menu Of Promotional Opportunities For Restaurants

By Cherri Gann

Whether we are sitting down to a real meal or grabbing a bite on the run, our society not only loves to eat, but also loves going out to eat. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, 2002 registered the 12th consecutive year of growth for the restaurant industry-a piping-hot record it expects to continue into 2003 with projected sales to reach a delectable $426.1 billion-in spite of a sour economy.

Start with customized staff uniforms, logoed menus and imprinted placemats, pens and kids' products. Then there's the branded T-shirts, custom-labeled sauces and other souvenirs available company stores-on premises or online. And finally, with imprinted matchbooks and after-dining breath mints customers pick up as they leave, the highly competitive restaurant industry is ripe for promotional opportunities.

Getting customers in the door is crucial to this industry, and effective advertising is key for distinguishing each other from the competition. Promotional programs for developing and returning customers, building downtime traffic and increasing takeout/delivery or other services can be among the most vital. Restaurants also need assistance with publicity for new openings, new chefs, menu additions/changes and concept innovations. Plus, they have the same challenges with employee recruitment, retention and recognition as other industries-especially those establishments employing younger workers. And that's just inside the restaurants. At the corporate offices, there are still additional opportunities for more brand-building.

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Cherri Gann is an associate editor for PPB.

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