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Life’s Little Luxuries: Promotional Products That Pamper the Hospitality Market

By Cherri Gann

In line with a previously booming economy, the $65-billion hospitality market-encompassing such industries as casinos, private clubs, cruise ships, hotel/lodging facilities, resort/spas and restaurants-enjoyed healthy prosperity. Hotels filled, restaurants buzzed, cruise ships sailed and resorts and clubs thrived. While still strong, unfortunately, in times of frugality, pursuits in this market are among the first to be eliminated as businesses and consumers look to reduce spending.

A constant onslaught of special offers from most of these sectors demonstrates the fierceness of the competition in this market, and fortunately, there are many tactics each can take to market its services. Commonalities among all sectors of the hospitality market are the dedication to superior service, customer satisfaction, attention to details, capturing return business and building new business. Marketing and promotion needs can be approached in the same manner as other industries. What do the firms hope to accomplish? Do they want to attract new clientele? Do they want to cater to repeat guests? Do new owners offer new products/services? Are they implementing employee incentives or training programs?

When we as consumers visit any of these establishments, we anticipate various levels of pampering. And although we always expect a good value for our money, the amount we spend is directly proportional to the degree of pampering we expect to receive. Restaurants, hotels or any sector of the hospitality market can make or break themselves with their philosophy toward details and service, and many a promotional campaign has been built around each.

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Cherri Gann is an associate editor for PPB.

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