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More Than Mugs: Getting a Handle on Drinkware

By Cherri Gann

Celebrations are toasted with champagne, long days are commiserated over cocktails, ballgames are for chugging beer and romantic dinners find us sipping wine. Neighbors get invited in for coffee, schoolchildren are welcomed home with chocolate milk, and toddlers are pacified with sippy-cups of juice. Even the least familiar of visitors to our homes is offered a drink upon arrival, and water-the simplest beverage of all-sustains our very existence. Cool and refreshing in the summer heat, warm and comforting during the winter frost, beverages are equally essential to our life as well as our lifestyle.

The role of a beverage reaches far beyond thirst-quenching properties or our physical nourishment. A beverage keeps our hands busy at a party, gives us something to stare into when sitting alone at the bar and provides an excuse to get together with a friend. Some even have their own unique niche in life-the childhood entrepreneurial spirit sated with the opening of a neighborhood lemonade stand, tart and warm apple cider on a crisp fall evening and a cup of creamy eggnog during the Christmas holidays-in which no other beverage could ever substitute.

With beverages so firmly implanted in our society, it only follows that a fitting accessory goes a long way toward ensuring the beverage's success. A quick appraisal of your own clients or searching out seasonal events is sure to uncover sales opportunities of beverages and accessories.

When part of an event such as a carnival, fair, celebration, game or promotion, both beverages and their containers can be a key to success.

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Cherri Gann is PPB's feature editor.

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