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Why Do Writing Instruments Work?

If you want to reach a very large number of people, you can distribute hundreds of thousands of custom-imprinted pens at a relatively low cost in comparison to other promotional products.

Imprinted pens are the most universal product you can buy. Everyone who works uses a pen, from a waiter to a gas station attendant to a pilot of a jumbo jet. Male or female, young or old, a logoed pen will penetrate every demographic like nothing else will.

Writing Instruments are one of the few items that are almost never thrown away. One can have too many calendars or clocks, but one can never have too many pens. Most people carefully stockpile them in pockets, purses and drawers.

"Got a pen?" is a question most of us hear on a regular basis. Pens have the remarkable ability to travel from owner to owner. In fact, research shows that the average pen is used or passes through eight different people in its lifetime. With each use, the imprint is seen and subtly registered by the user.

A writing instrument is so versatile. Pens are manufactured in such an astounding variety of designs, colors and price-points that they can be adapted to fit almost any promotion.

Source: The Corporate Logo

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