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Imprinted Post It® Notes

Self-promotion is key to survival in today's corporate world and custom imprinted Post-It® Notes provide fast, functional, and cost-effective advertising. Whether they're handed out to clients in place of business cards, tucked into an envelope as a direct mail piece or distributed as giveaways at conferences or tradeshows, customized Post-Its® remind both customers and employees of a company's presence in the marketplace.

Custom imprinted Post-It® Notes afford companies the opportunity to be creative with their advertising because they are so flexible. A variety of sizes, shapes, colors, graphics and text can be combined to create a truly custom Post-It® pad. Post-It® Note dispensers and refills are another great way to make sure your message is always front and center.

Bankers, mortgage brokers and financial advisors all use quality Post-Its® as a practical way to advertise their services to current and potential clients. Dollar sign-shaped customized Post-It® notes and Post-Its® with a money-inspired theme are an eye catching way to spread your message.

For doctors or dentists, Post-It® Notes are an ideal way of showing your patients you care. After a check-up, dentists present patients with customized Post-Its® cut out in the shape of tooth imprinted with a friendly reminder to brush and floss twice a day.

Real Estate
If you're in the business of selling or building homes, show your creative side and dole out house-shaped Post-Its® instead of business cards. Theme shaped Post-It® Notes promote the market you're in while serving a functional purpose for your current and potential clients. Custom imprinted Post-Its® are a memorable, effective addition to your networking efforts.

In an industry that's always on the go, personalized Post-Its® can easily tag along for the ride. A simple Post-It® stuck to a dashboard keeps your message in your clients' mind no matter where they are. If your trade is transporting others, truck or van-shaped Post-Its® imprinted with your name and service will take your message further than you can imagine.

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