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Custom Printed Paperweights

Of all the different products companies can use to help promote their business, paperweights are the most tried and true. Simple, yet classic, customized promotional paperweights make a fine addition to any office desk. Despite their "traditional" appeal, we offer paperweights in a variety of different shapes, materials and sizes. No matter what your business, you can find the right paperweight to promote it.

For that classy, old fashioned and sophisticated look, a white marble rectangular paperweight with your company's logo imprinted is the best way to promote your good name. We also offer metal paperweights with a brushed nickel finish in various shapes, such as a triangle or circle. For a 3-D look, go with the full color acrylic paperweights. Your artwork will appear to be floating inside the acrylic.

We offer several different novelty shapes and styles of paperweights, so you are sure to find one that best suits your company's profile.

Construction: Customize a paperweight made of real brick! Smaller than a traditional brick, this ½ lb. paperweight will get your business noticed. Or, try our brass hard-hat shaped paperweight, with your company's name laser engraved on the bill.

Sports: Whether its baseball, basketball, golf or soccer, we can provide the paperweight for you. An acrylic cube with the 3-D ball of your choice encased within and your company's name imprinted across the front.

Real Estate: A home-shaped paperweight with brushed nickel finish and felt bottom is a shiny, creative way to promote your business.

Financial: Give customers a silver-plated dollar sign paperweight engraved with your company's name to remind them who to trust with their money.

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