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Promotional Memory Sticks

Imprinted Memory Sticks
The custom imprinted memory stick is the perfect removable computer data-storage unit allowing computer users to conveniently store and access data anywhere! The small key-size device plugs and plays into your computer's USB port! It functions like another hard drive and will bring up a newly assigned drive letter in your directory. Then simply copy and paste, drag and drop, or cut and paste your files as suits your needs. When the USB pen drive is removed from your computer, all files are encrypted and password-protected on the device.

Whether you plan to use custom imprinted USB memory sticks for your next promotion or simply to improve employee productivity in your office, the flash memory stick is an ideal addition to your company. The USB pen drive is a powerful tool that will be used daily by your employees and clients for both business and personal purposes. The custom pen drive can be imprinted with your company logo and URL and is a great idea for your next promotion or marketing campaign.

Features of the custom imprinted USB Memory Stick:
  • USB memory sticks are available in a range of size capacities to best suit your needs.
  • Custom memory sticks are available in five colors (silver, translucent blue, translucent green, translucent purple, translucent red)
  • Each USB pen drive is customized with your logo and contact information so that customers always remember your company.
  • We can preload any software, promotional information, Power Point slides, marketing ads, or other material that you choose onto the custom memory sticks.
In order to save you time and trouble, we can pre-load and copy your data or presentations onto all flash memory sticks before shipping them to you. An additional charge of $2.00 per piece applies for this service. We scan all data for viruses before it is copied.

The logoed pen drive helps your company to build strong relationships with clients and to show appreciation for your employees by thanking them for their efforts. USB memory sticks offer a number of benefits to the user, including security, convenience, and portability.

Benefits of the promotional USB memory stick:
The custom imprinted USB pen drive is a perfect sales tool for storing catalogs, sales charts, websites, and other important documents - on a fully functional drive that fits on your key chain! Built in password protection ensures that your data remains safe. You can give a custom imprinted USB pen drive to your clients as a perfect souvenir of your meeting, allowing them to take promotional materials with them to reinforce your presentation. By giving your clients a USB memory stick, you give them a fully functional drive that is custom imprinted with your company logo and contact information. The branded USB memory stick also makes it easy for your employees to bring their work home or share files between departments. The portable USB pen drive eliminates the need to email large files while ensuring the secure transfer of your company's data.

Our custom logoed flash memory devices are affordable enough to replace CD-ROM discs for delivering your data to clients. Unlike CD-ROM discs, the USB memory sticks will not simply be discarded, as they are fully functional portable-drive devices. With your company logo and URL clearly printed on the device, customers will remember your name and will think to call you whenever a need arises.

The USB port is perfect for the busy professional, allowing you to:

Take PowerPoint files with you
  • You can plug the USB memory stick into your office desktop and drag and drop the files you want into the portable drive. In seconds, your files will be ready to go! Then plug the USB memory stick into your laptop or the computer in the conference room, set up the projector, and you are all set to make your presentation!
Bring e-mails from your office desktop or home computer with you
  • The flash pen drive eliminates the need for you to forward e-mails from your office e-mail account to your home or web-based e-mail account. Instead, you can copy as many emails as you need to the memory stick and you can take them with you anywhere! With its plug and play ability and speedy transfer rate, your e-mails will be secure and at your fingertips all the time, safely encrypted and conveniently accessible on your key ring!
Send confidential data
  • The USB memory stick comes with an encryption and password-protection system. By shipping your data on the custom branded memory stick, you know that your data will arrive safely and not be accessed by anyone unauthorized en route!
No matter what your profession - whether you are an attorney, professor, journalist, consultant, businessperson, or one of thousands of other professions - the USB memory stick is sure to suit your data storage needs! The easily portable USB memory stick will store your data in a convenient, manageable way, so that you are never without it, while its high level of security ensures that your data never falls into the wrong hands! With all of your important data easily accessible on a custom logoed portable hard drive that fits on your key ring, the USB memory stick will give you a competitive edge in the business world.

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